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Basketball training.

Sup everyone,this is the summer and I play quite a bit of basketball with the guys so I was wondering what kinds of exercises I can perform in the gym to help me in the courts.I know T-mag has that “white men can jump” article but that’s for vert.

I don’t mean ball handling and shooting.I mean things like,jumping a lot to get a rebound,or standing your ground and not getting pushed over when you’re backing up against some dude,u get where this is going?

Anyway,any input would be appreciated.

How to say this without sounding trite …?

Posterior chain and stability work. The same big, heavy core exercises you’d use to gain mass, like deadlifts, squats, bench, pullups, and overhead pressing are completely applicable here. Merely modify the rep and tempo ranges to be a tad more ballistic to emphasize power generation.


Jasson N has a awesome “vertical jump program” you may want to pm him and see if you can get a copy sent to u via email.

Thanks for the replies.

Knight,how should I modify the temp and rep ranges,do you have a recommendation?

Fitone,thanks.Jason N.?Who’s that?

Jason Norcross - just another brilliant T-man.

The name is Jason Norcross. Just PM him, and I’m sure he’ll accomodate you, but I think he’s out of town for a few more days.

As far as being able to play with the big boys, the advice above was correct. Add strength to the posterior chain, and put on some weight (which adding strength to the posterior chain should do anyway). Also, learn how to use your body. Some simple physics knowledge will go a LONG way in boxing out and posting up.

kazuma, Jason N = Jason Norcross it was to late at night yesterday when I posted this sorry.

Thanks very much everyone.I’ll do the posterior chain work.

I’d start with heavy work, 6 sets, 6 reps, 201 tempo. Build strength and size. In a month, change up the exercises, drop to 4 reps, 8 sets. Beyond that, I’m sure the famed Norcross can give you a hand.