Basketball Training: Athlete Lean, Athlete Strong or Zombie Apocalypse?

This was originally posted in the bigger stronger leaner catergory, but was recommended that I post here for advice.

“Hello everyone. I am really in need of some help with picking a training routine. Just for background, I am a 20 year old male who is planning on playing in a semipro-am league for basketball next year. It is set to start off in April, nothing too crazy just some D1 and D2 athletes out competing for fun and pure love of the game. I have played my entire life so my skills on the court are good, but I have neglected my strength training over the years. So back in July I decided to stick to a strict program to put on some mass. I have now put on a good bit of muscle (and some fat, but have gotten stronger and larger. My next goal is to cut down on some body fat, maintain it build my raw strength, and really focus on my explosion and vertical jumping ability. I have been looking for a good program to go along with a strict diet that will involve some intense weight training (I’ve come to love it) and intense plyos and conditions for explosiveness and fat loss. I’ve come across some good programs such as ws4sb and variations of 5/3/1. One program that interested me in particular was CT’s vertical leap program as it specifically has the goal of increasing vertical with some upper body hypertrophy and strength work as well, but lacks conditioning days. Which of these programs do you think would be best or is here something better out there I can look into. Thank you all so much!”

It was recommended that I try Athlete Lean Athlete Strong so I was wondering if there were alternate exercises for the med ball exercises and rope exercises.

Also, would something like the zombie apocalypse workout be better for my goals or is there anything better? Thanks in advance!