Basketball Running Program

Basketball season is coming around and this time I want to be in better running shape for try outs. What would be the best program to get in shape. I just want a plan for running and maybe some drills that will help my game. thanks guys

A few things. You dont want to overdo it because you know you will be running way too much already, because all basketball coaches make their players run too much. If I were you I would start with some 300’s. And dont go all out, keep your pace at about 90 percent at the most. Run a 300, walk back around, and work on decreasing your rest times.

The other run is a 16 in :60. Measure out 50 feet and sprint the distance 16 times, so each time you touch a line is 1. At first you wont be able to get under :60 most likely but the further you can get under :60 the better. 50 feet is the width of a court.

Here is a sample:

Do these runs twice a week. monday friday etc…

Week1- 300meters rest 150sec 300 meters
Week2- 300 meters rest 150 sec rest 3x through
Week3- 300 meters rest 120 sec rest 3x through
Week4- 300 meters rest 100 sec 3x through
Second day of week4 start 16 in :60 rest 180 sec 2x

Stay with 100 sec rest work up to doing 5x through the 300 meter sprints during week 6 and 7.

Reduce rest for 16 in :60 by 20 seconds every week and add 1 more every other week so you should finish with 16 in :60 rest 100 seconds 4x. Very difficult. Dont need to do more than this.