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Basketball Program Critique Please

Here is a program I found here on T-Nation but I have modified it a bit. Everything here is done for a 2 week cycle before things switch up.

Day 1

-Close Stance Full Squat 8 sets of 3 85% of 1RM
-DB bench 5x5, 75% of 1RM
-romanian deadlift 5x5

-Day 2
-Basketball- Medicine ball backboard smacks. Jump technique work

-Day 3
-Basketball- Weights belt full court sprints and backboard smack shots with weights belt. (I will smack the ball against the backboard and shoot it. I will do this from a standing approach and a running approach.)

-Day 4

-50 rep rhythm squats warm up to 1 set of max 50 reps (Done every 3-4 weeks for a 2 week cycle)
-Snatch grip deadlift 8 sets of 3 85% of 1RM
-T-bar row 5x5
-Barbell flat bench 5x5

-Day 5
-Basketball-light intensity/OFF

-Day 6
Option A)

-Military Presses 4x8
-Good mornings 4x8
-Dips 4x8
-Reverse Hypers 4x8
-Bent over row 4x8


Option B)
-High intensity Basketball-Full court games or medicine ball basketball workouts

-day 7
REST/Shoot around at most

Please critque.