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Basketball Program After Research


Hey, I am a 6'3" 190lb basketball athlete hoping to turn pro next year.

I was looking for the best way to peak my on court athletic ability (Sprints& Verical jump)
i came up with this:

A Westside Barbell routine incorporated with OL's, 2 ME days+2 DE days
DE Lifts are jump squats speed squats and speed deads.
(ol's are a part of the accessory)

I have a few questions though...

do you think I should take off the DE lifts and put in sprint work ? im a basketball not a sprinter but i think they are alike

any other guidelines and suggestions for me as a basketball athlete?


Remember that the weight room is supplementary to sport specific work. Your main focus should be exercises that work on quickness for both running and jumping. The more you work on those, the more you will improve quickness and height in vertical.

I wouldn't work on sprinting as much as I would work on quickness drills, sport specific quickness drills.

You want to use the weight room to prepare yourself for your sport. Focus must be on the sport specific training if you want to improve.

Pro coaches will be more impressed with your court play than numbers in the weight room, as important as they are.