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Basketball Player: Increasing Mass


Hi... I'm a 6'3" 200lbs basketball player
I have 2 games and 2 pracs a week.

i'm not in the NBA or something YET, that's why I am developing strength and mass IN SEASON... no time to waist

Weight training: WESTSIDE ROUTINE.

how do u think i should eat ? clean? or just eat everything
how much ?

BTW i aint using any supplements... id rather save my money for some juice.

im talking FOOD here.


eat as much as you possibly can! you'll have a hard time putting on mass, but I found that if I eat clean and often, I can put on some mass in season. I've found protein supplements to be invaluable BTW.


If you want to add quality mass fast start feeding those muscles,then cut down with the V-diet after eating at your maintanence level for a week or two.It works for me.


Thanks but whats a V-diet ?
I found a lot of articles dealing with it.

Can you give me what I need to know ?


Use the search feature on the site for some great diet plans, but here's some basics.

-Eat every 2 hours.
-Protein at every meal (chicken, lean beef, fish, eggs, cottage cheese, etc.
-At 200 pounds you need at least 300 grams of protein a day. (you should rethink your supplement stand...it can be pretty hard to get the protein you need in a day without a protein shake or two. it can be done with just food, but the shakes make it easier)
-keep a food log. write down what you eat every day, and what time. Track your progress and see how well you are doing
-Fruits and veggies at every meal
-Good carbs at every meal. Sweet potatos, pasta, brown rice, oatmeal, etc.
-good fats: munch on almonds, walnuts, natural peanut butter, olive oil on salads or a couple spoonfulls now and then.


Thanks so much !


The V diet for young basketball player? I'm gonna be honest..thats absurd.


Also, unless i read that incorrectly he's interested in getting big, powerfull and strong first and foremost.

No way in hell would i reccomend a basketball player going on the v-diet.


The V-diet is the most over-advised 'diet' on this site. There is no-absolutely=no reason to even bring it up here.

Why would you mass up and then v-diet it off. That's retarded. Maybe, if you have packed on a few winter pounds and want to test your discipline as well as shed a couple, go ahead and v. Otherwise, there is absolutely no reason to ever do it. There are much better ways regulate your weight than flying up and down the scale.

Anabolic diet
T-dawg diet are two 'diets' that can be maintained for some time and not be stressing out your body.


I didn't say for him to go on the v diet.I said,if he wants to add some mass quickly he should workout hard and eat a lot,then go on the v diet to strip off the fat.He is a Basketball player,so he doesn't have all the time in the world.


Put on quality mass then v diet it off? Because most people have done it before with great results.I just got done bulking 2 weeks ago and I'm on my second week of the v -diet and I haven't lost any muscle.I'm not "v-dieting it off"-only a few pounds of fat.I'm telling him what is working for me;if he wants,he can atleast try it.Don't go around here telling people who have tried this method that it doesn't work when it has worked.By the way,I never said I go from bulking up straight to the v-diet.I eat at my maintenance level for a few weeks,or a month or so,and then go into the v diet,so my body gets used to the new muscle mass.


Sure, good for that, but i see the v-diet as being a purely cosmetic plan.

Certainly not for performance, which is what he is looking for.


I think bulking then doing an extreme diet like the V is dumb. My personal opinion is the point of bulking is to get bigger. Yeah fat gain comes with it but I would wonder why you wanna build yourself upto a certain weight then diet down with only a minimum gain in LBM. I understand alot bodybuilders(atleast the pros) do alot of this YO YO dieting but they also have alot of "help" when it comes to building mass as well as maintaining it while dieting.I believe the healthier and more productive way(atleast long term) is to bulk up and maintain for a month or hell even a few before you start to slowly reduce calories.

I mean if it works for you more power to ya but I wouldn't recommend that shit for anyone else...


I think the V-Diet has it's place.

But it's purpose it to make you look good in a swimsuit in record time.
Nothing wrong with that.

It just makes no sense to bring up when someone is asking about how to get big and strong for basketball.

Now if he had asked "how can i look ripped in my uniform in 4 weeks"(and how to pass out in the first ten minutes of the game from exhaustion)...then v-diet all the way.


As was stated earlier, the v-diet is the worst thing he couldn't put in his mouth while training. I'm sure it is a great fat loss diet,but it has absolutely NO place on a young athletes menu.


I'm with you on that,but I was talking about short term goals,not long term goals.If someone who wanted to get cut for summer wanted to add a few pounds before they go on a diet like the V diet,then that is fine.However,I don't condone people going on fad diets and starvation diets affter bulking up.But if someone wants a short term goal to reach for,then that is fine.


I didn't tell him to just go on the V diet,I told him he could go on it after really bulking up.


You have absolutely no freakin clue what you're talking about and SHOULD NOT be giving advice to this young basketball player about dieting.

You're going on the V-Diet 2 freaking weeks after you've bulked??? Right there tells me you have no idea what your doing. You're pulling the ProteinPowda yo-yo diet routine. Continue to do what you're doing to get mediocre results but PLEASE, PLEASE don't give bulking or cutting advice to others.


Basketball is one of the most demanding games you can play. I'm a collegiate volleyball player, and I force myself to eat tons of food to keep up with the demands of 2 hour practices or matches, plus my in-season strength training. I played basketball my whole life up through high school so I know that it's way more demanding energy systems-wise on the body as volleyball is more of a short-burst power sport.

As an athlete, "dieting" is suicide unless you are grossly overweight. An athlete is never out of season. As sooon as the playoffs are over, it's time to hit the weights 3-4 times a week with 1-2 conditioning sessions a week to go along with a couple hours of skill work.

I'm not trying to flame here, but just speaking as a college athlete, two weeks of depleted energy would not be worth the benefits of a little fat loss. Any athlete who's working hard should easily be able to lose excess fat by just going slightly below maitenence, nothing extreme.


No.If you ever passed third grade you can read the part where I ate for a month or so at a MAINTENANCE level,then ,slowly,went into the v diet. I used to play basket ball in highschool too.I don't unsderstand why he's trying to gain like 30 pounds.They have a limit in basket ball when it comes to weight.Most kids in basket ball have to be lean,not "huge".So,when you learn how to read English and stop making your stupid,childish,egregious remarks,then we can talk like adults and not like little children.