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Basketball HELP


I am currently looking for a complete basetball training program that includes weights, plyometrics, speed and agility, and conditioning in order to increase my abilities on the court for my last year of high school basketball. I currently get in court work every day by making 250 shots and an hour of ball-handling. I also play pick-up every monday and wednesday. This might be asking a lot but I am desperately looking to make an impact on the court this year. Im pretty experienced with the weight room and am in great shape. I just need to put it all together in order to elevate my game. Feel free to ask any further questions.


No offense man, but if you're already familiar with the weight room and are in "great shape" what do you need our help for? Are you looking for someone to write out an entire program for you?


I meant Im able to jump into anything. Ive done programs in the past made by my coaches but I didnt feel like they were any good. I just got off an injury that put me out of summer ball 3 weeks ago and I just want to get back into it but I dont know how to put everything together. I have three months and i just need some help.


Look into DeFranco's WS4SB program, and make sure you precede any weight work with on court drills.


Where do I find that?


A lot of people dont believe in the Insanity program, but it really does push you the 2nd month. I play basketball myself and it improved my stamina a lotttttt. I could run up and down the court like crazy and I didnt play for the 2 months I was doing it. Its pretty legit and I saw results. Comparing it basketball wise... the 2nd month is like an hour of running suicides, 16s, and more.

It really does push you to your limit, BUT it does get boring if you dont like to do the SAME routine over and over. Its new everyday, but its quite boring to me after doing it twice. Gluck man and for VIDEOS you could check out dvds of Ganon Bakers program. He usually does some interesting tecniques with the tennis ball, chairs, and crap like that. Just youtube him and you'll see who he is.

He helps out professionals during Summer I believe and he himself was on Denver Nuggets I believe. Anyways gluck and hope some of this helps.


Use the search function, and while the insanity program might get your endurance up it will have absolutely zero carry over to explosiveness and on court performance.


I wouldnt say that... but whatever everyone has their own opinion. I'm only 5'6 and when I was in shape still I was touching rim. White you know of any good dipping routines on the dip machine? Currently own one, but still don't have a legit routine.


wS4SB is a good program. you can also actually give the 6 weeks to superhero program on this site a shot too. a lot of dead-stop work like top half squats really work on explosiveness. just do that and throw in some traditional suicides, hill sprints and anything else you feel works for you.


Got this program goin:

Monday: Max Upper
Bench 5x5
Pull Up 5x5
Military Press 5x5
Barbell Row 5x5

Core: (enough?)
3 x 1:00 planck
1 x 1:00 side planck

Court Work:
Pic-Up Games

Tuesday: Speed
Jump Rope 5 min
Agility Ladder (not sure which drills to do)
10 x Half-Court
10 x Full-Court
10 x Full and Back
10 x Slide to Half
10 x Slide Full

10 suicides in 10 minutes (complete each in 30s if possible)
(want to work up to 30 in 30)

Court Work:
Half hour of shooting and half hour of ball-handling

Wednesday: Dynamic Lower
Power Clean 5x5
Box Squat 5x5
Squat Jumps 5x5
Box Jumps 5x5
Depth Jumps 5x5
(I hold weights on most of the jumps, is that ok?)

Medicine Ball Work:
Over Back Toss 5x5
Squat Throws 5x5
Overhead Toss 5x5
Explosive Start Throws 5x5

Court Work:
Pic-Up Games

Thursday: Agility
Jumps Rope 5 min
Agility Ladder
T-Drill x 5
Illinois Drill x 5
Zig-Zag x 5
505 Drill x 5
Lane Agility Drill x 5

10 suicides in 10 minutes (maybe move to 11)

Court Work:
Hour of skills

Friday: Max Lower
Squat 5x5
Deadlift 5x5
Lunge 5x5
Step-Ups 5x5
Box Jumps 5x5

3 x 1:00 planck
1 x 1:00 side planck

Court Work:
Hour of Skills

Saturday: Speed and Agility Testing
Jump Rope 5 min
Agility Ladder
Vertical Jump x 3
Long Jump x 3
T-Test x 3
Illinois Drill x 3
Lane Agility Drill x 3
Zig-Zag Test x 3
505 Agility Test x 3
Half Court Sprint x 3
Full Court x 3
Full and Back x 3
Slide to Half x 3
Slide to Full x 3

10 suicides in 10 minutes

Court Work:
2 Hour of Skill

Sunday: Jumping Practice (dunking on lower hoop)
25 x right foot
25 x left foot
25 x both feet

Court Work:
2 Hour of Skill
(I added an extra hour of court work since i dont have school on the weekends.)

I worked pretty hard putting this together but still a little shaky on how good it will work.
Im still not sure about reps in all areas especially with the weights and plyometrics(like the box jumps) and the correct rest I should be getting between sets. Also, Im not sure if I should be holding weights while doing these plyometrics. If anyone can check it out and comment about it in any way that would be great. Im just tryin to put together a comprehensive program together to help me improve my game. Any suggestions and improvements would be greatly appreciated.


Dude, no offense but you need to scrap that whole "program" and start over. Did you even look at WS4SB? Pick a few basic lifts, train train to get stronger and set up accessory lifts to help your main lifts and stay injury free. If you try and run what you wrote up you're gonna get nowhere fast. Eat well, start each lifting session with some kind of skill work, hit the gym with a purpose, finish up with some light skill work and give your body at least one day a week to rest.


oh ok. i did look at it and i tried to make it more basketball specific but i guess i screwed up. how would u put plyometrics in the program than? and should i just stick with the speed and conditioning stuff they use on there?


Look up WS4SB 3. Everything's explained there.


You have this...

And then you can also do what my son is doing now which is this...


Depends on your position and what you are trying to do. Right now you just look like one of those guys we call gymrats. Your not increasing your basketball skills much but you'll be a great personal trainer. If your tall and already positioned at power forward you may be a great rebounder or something but if you want to be a better scorer your going to have to focus on offensive basketball skills more.


If he's making 250 shots a day then doing an hour of ball handling it's pretty clear he's a 1 or 2, maybe a 3. OP, go read ws4sb 3, precede any and all weight work with skill work, attack the weightroom with purpose, finsish off with some lighter skill work, watch your game blow up. Let us know how it goes.


what are the rest times between sets in ws4sb? and im not sure how many sets and how much weight to do to work up to my max lifts.

I started last week and this is what im gettin as my maxes:
Bench: 185x4
Squat: 255x5
Deadlift: 270x5
Pull-Up: 190x5
Military Press: 130x5

weight: 170
height: 5'11

which template is best for basketball


At work so this has to be quick, but read the article. No one here can answer that for you. Do the program, change your ME moves every 3 or 4 weeks, rest as long as you feel you need between sets and eat a ton while focusing on skill work. You're way over thinking this.


I think the whole thing should take around 45 minutes. I'm in and out within the hour and my lifts are improving and I'm getting getting some good size results. That includes a 10-15 minute warm up.

2-3 minutes rest between ME lifts I find best. The rest I would give about 90 seconds personally. The rest time works for me and the results are coming.

But like others have said, you can over think things in the Iron Game so the best bet is to get under the weights and start doing it. You'll get an understanding of the program and how it works best for you.