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Basketball GPP/Rehab/Bodybuilding


Alright, I basically trained like a powerlifter prior to my knee injury that I sustained playing basketball. I tore my ACL and MCL in my left knee in January and then had reconstructive surgery in March (patellar tendon autograft).

I'm getting to the point in my rehab where I must get stronger on my own according to my doctor. I want to start getting back into shape too. I'm carrying too much fat.

I've just sorta been training like a bodybuilder while I've healed from surgery. Basically all my upper body lifts have gone up and I've gained a ton of muscle too.

It's getting time to get ready to return to the court (intramurals at college), and I need to get in shape and become strong again so I can beast on fools in the post. I also want to keep my upper body as strong as possible. I'm probably gonna lean out as I exercise more and more, but I'm tweaking my diet too. Not worried about that atm.

I'd just like some advice from you all on how to get ready cardiovascularly and muscularly for sports. I was instructed to not do any leg extensions and I don't have much stability in my left knee yet due to muscular imbalance. I've been doing box squats, leg presses, and ghr/reverse hypers, as well as ab work.

What have yall got for me? haha


What are you doing to regain stability in your knee? Leg presses and GHR's sure isn't going to do it.


Well, I did do physical therapy twice a week up until about a month ago. Basically been on my own since then. I don't know whatI should be doing to regain stability really. I feel like it's a muscular issue rather than a connective tissue issue at this point but idk im no expert and i'm open to suggestion. My legs have shrunk dramatically from my days of squatting 400x3 raw.


Bulgarian split squat and lunges are a good start. I tore my ACL too and strength work alone wasn't enough.

I asked a simliliar question in this thread. Levelheaded response were right on the money. It might be helpful to you.



Alright, I did BSS's before my injury and always liked them so I'll have no problem adding them back in. When did you find you could squat ATG without much pain? is it gonna take time, effort, or a combo to get there again?


take slowly with everything, specially squats.