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basketball fitness


My team is currently doing 4-6x400m about 1:30 1:1 work/rest and 4x200m 35-40s 1:3 work rest for conditioning. Are there other schemes we can try? we play pressure man to man and plan to use full court 2-2-1 and 1-2-1-1 and 2-1-2 traps alot all of which are tiring so we got to be in shape. The tournament is in feb. Any suggestions?



We always do suicide runs. Excellent for conditioning and helps to train fast changing of direction.

Suicide runs, in case you don't know are performed by running to freethrow line, touching it with hand,
run back to baseline, touch with hand, run to middle, touch, run back to base, touch, run to freethrow line at other half, touch, back to base, touch, to base other side, touch, and back. That's one suicide run.

And be sure to make the one who gets in last run extra :slight_smile:


horses [prett much same as suicides, except on the "return" portion you run backwards], shuffles, full court sprints, cariocas theres all kinds of things to do on court. on the track, ladders,gassers, floaters on top of the 100's,200's etc.. i think one day should be devoted to the endurance stuff like cariocas, shuffles and horses and another day devoted to the sprint work. hope i helped any have questions as to the meanings of the listed exercises let me know.
peace, flash