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Basketball Drills for HIIT?


Do running suicides or other drills done on the basketball court count as HIIT?

If I was to sprint from basline to basline 6 times, rest, then sprint again, rest, etc., could that be a form of HIIT?

Can agility drills be HIIT as well?


Y not?


squat and milk


i do sprints like that for one of my cardio days once a week.


Basketball is one of my favorite pastimes, so I've incorporated it into my HIIT. There are 4 baskets on the court where I play, one on either side. I do full speed layups to 3 baskets, then just dribble in between 3. You can adjust the # of baskets depending upon the distance between them. Between the runnding, dribbling and jumping (I do a finger roll around the rim), it is a very good workout. I repeat this for 7 total circuits.



Would playing a hard game of pick up basketball be considered as HIIT as well?

And agility drills and sprints(suicides, basline sprints 6X, rest. 6X, etc.) on the ball court are HIIT as well correct?


Not by my definition.

I use the 20/10x7-8 paradigm, i.e., all out for 20 seconds, rest for 10 seconds, repeat x7 or x8. I try to stay close to this model, regardless of the activity involved.



Yes playing a hard game could be considered HIIT, the only problem is that the other people you play with may care about your fatigue level as the game goes on. If you play all out running after every lose ball being an animal on defense, then you get a "rest" on offense. Incredibly difficult. Me and my buddy used to play games to 11 or so, or time it and whoever was ahead when time ran out won. Very, Very, Very difficult.

I was wearing a heart rate monitor playing New York Ball with 2 other kids and they were like "what is that beeping" My heart rate was maybe the highest I have ever seen it with my watch on. The harder you do this though, it will get to the point where you are so tired you wont even be able to make a shot.


Well even if the pickup game isn't HIIT, it's still better for fat burning that slow steady cardio right?