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Basketball Conditioning Nutrition


Hey guys,

I recently came off a sever injury that sidelined me from playing basketball for awhile, now i am back in full swing and need some advice. Of course over the span of the injury i lost muscle and gained bodyfat, and now i am trying to reverse it and not only get back to shape I was in, but surpass it. Before the injury I was at 220 pounds and 14% bodyfat, now I am 225 and at 19% bodyfat. I Six feet two inches tall.

My workout split goes like this

Monday- Upper body lifting (Chest and back) followed by 45 minutes of basketball or bball conditioning drills
Tuesday- Basketball for an hour followed by additional conditioning
Wednesday- Lowerbody lifting ..No conditioning
Thursday- Same as Tuesday
Friday- Same as monday (Arms and shoulders)
Saturday-3-5 mile jog
Sunday -off

My diet is solid, focusing on keeping my carbs in check, around 125 grams a day but keeping my protein and healthy fat intake high.

My question regards peri-workout and post workout nutrition, especially regarding the days i am lifting and conditioning. During my workouts I consume 30 Grams of Liquid BCAA's and followed by Surge Recovery at the end of everything. Should I drink the Surge after ny weight training and before my conditioning, or should i do what i am doing and just drink the Surge at the end of conditioning?


OH yeah, to give more detail, for the lifting portion of my workouts I am following the Westside barbell for skinny bastards program created by Joe DeFranco, I am not a skinny bastard or anything, But i have used it before my injury with great success. I am more of a power player in basketball, and this really helped improve my physical abilities.


That is pretty terrible.
More info vert, injury, goals, actual position.
This may not be popular but lifting should be your last priority for basketball.


So are you doing an arms and shoulders day or are you doing ws4sb? Height? Position? Do you play competitively or recreationally? What are your goals, or do you even have any other than "get in shape"?


Sorry for the confusion, What i Meant to say was, that I used to follow the WSB4SB program, now I am following a different routine.

The routine I am on currently consists of higher reps (12-15 reps) with short rest intervals. I try to work in larger circuits to keep my body moving. I am also doing a shitload of foam rolling, and it is paying off.

I am 6'4. I used to play competitively in college, I graduated. Now I play in a adult bball league, its intense though, every single one of the players are former college ballers. I rotate between foward and guard. I play foward when I have to guard a stronger more physical guy, and play guard when I have to body out a guy who loves driving to the basket.

MOre information,

I am not the fastest or more agile guy on the court, but I am by far the strongest, I know how to use my size and strength well. I am great at boxing out and create second chance opportunities on offense.

My goal is to get leaner, so I can get faster and more agile while maintaing my strength. Basically, increase my strength to weight ratio.

I hope thats enough information, let me know if you need more.


My vert is now down to 24 inches because of the injury. I am back to 100 percent now and hoping to get my vert up to 30+ inches. And the best way I know is to get leaner, my strength is coming back fast. Before the injury my PR in the deadlift was 525, and in the box squat (parallel ) was 405.

As for the lifting comment, I have read many articles going back and forth on whether or not lifting should be a priority for bball players. Do you feel I am doing too much lifting?


Oh ok well this is recreational for you so you could go about this in a couple of different ways and it depends on your priorities. Fat loss, basketball, muscle. You are already strong so why focus on more strength though I'd add some power once you feel your knee can take it. You could still focus on some upper body size while focusing on improving your lower body power.