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Basketball ball-handling skills

hey guy, i’m not sure if this place is the best place to ask this question, but i really couldn’t find any other place to do it.ok…brief explination of my history.When i was about 10 and first played basketball i loved it, yada yada yada.I really wanted to get into it.When I reached yr 7, I developed this weird prickly itch(which nobody can find a cure for). Anyway, I have become "immune in a way to this itch, which is why i am playing today.My problem is this;the major thing stopping me from playing good basketball are my dribblingskills. My right handed dribble is quite good,it seems to be able to figure out how to move the ball along wherever i go. The problem is my left hand, i have been bouncing the ball everywhere i go and sometimes i make progress and then lose it. To make matters worse, the game balls vary from low bouncing balls to incredibly high-bouncing balls.My question is this; is the most effective way to improve my dribbling skills by using drills or should i be practising moves in imaginary game-situations?(by the way, i cannot find ANYBODY who will train with me). And my second question is how can i beat the problem of hig variations in ball-bouncyness?Thank you for any help and i am very sorry for taking up so much room.

Something that helped me TREMENDOUSLY in high school was a game with another player (or two) where each guy has a ball, and keeps dribbling while trying to knock out the other guy’s ball. You have to get a feel for your own dribbling without looking, while trying to move in on some one else and do a different task with the other hand. Change balls occassionally to get a feel for a different bounce, change the air pressure slightly on occassion. Give it a try.

Individually keep on practicing what your doing (variation of dribbling) but dribble wearing a glove (thin at first, thicker as you get better).

This develops your sensativity in the hand by having less of it. As u get better with the glove on, you will diffently get better without it.