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Basis Of ProHormone Ban?

“…But the truth is that certain products like MAG-10 have been all but given the death penalty. We’re just waiting on the government boys to pull the switch…”

This was a very disheartening thing to read in this weeks “Reader Mail” section, guys.

My question is this: What “Sympathy Card” is the Goverment using THIS time, in order to Ban effective substances like “Mag-10”?

With Ephedra, the Government was damn effective in drumming up Public Support because of deaths…but what are they using to drum up support of THIS ban?

Or are they doing it “because they can” without any real justification?

We ALL should be worried…


It works like a steroid. Steroids are for sports cheaters and they cause you to get violent and kill people. Then your liver explodes and you die. Really, that’s their twisted mindset. It’s not based in reality.

And I think the drug companies are padding their pockets as well. The diet drug people are probably doing backflips and buying big boats now that ephedrine is banned.

They’re doing it because the pharmaceutical industry as a whole is a very, very big political donor. Their lobbyists put the word in the right ears that they banning these products would be a good thing.

Watch the language of any pro-hormone bills that are introduced. I’m willing to bet that they don’t ban them outright, just make in extremely difficult for companies like Biotest to market them, and place extremely high barriers to entry for other supplement companies.

Companies like Glaxo-Wellcome, Phizer and Bristol-Myers Squibb, however, will suddenly find those barriers lower, and that they can now dominate markets that were previously unprofitable for them. FM.

Just more of your Republican government working hard to ensure that free enterprise will continue to be synonymous with big business.

I’m readin’ 'ya, guys…

If you don’t have FACTS…then lie…

VERY disturbing…


Nothing has been band yet except ephedra in a few states and man it is gonna suck if Florida bans the stuff.
Hopefully if this bill that is currently being propossed does pass all it will do is make the supplement industry have to test all of the stuff they market even more than they do now. Im against it simply because not enough of us can afford the good sups as they are currently priced.
But I am with everyone else that is pissed because our media and government over hypes the negatives of the wrong things and lets the really bad stuff pass by with a slap on the wrist.
I mean ciggs, tylenol, and alcohol, do way worse to peoples bodies than most prohormones or even real steriods do when they are taken with knowledge.
oh well even if the worst comes and everything is banned we will just get it for cheaper from some guy at the gym.