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Basing My Diet On Liquids?


I'm a hard gainer and been skinny all of my life so i been bulking eating about 4000 calories a day . Most of my calories come from milk and a weight gainer(250g of carbs per servig) and about 1000 calories come from hard food. Is this fine? or should i replace it with some hard foods?

Im just not sure on what to eat and i dont have a whole lot of money. So far im eating rice,chicken, and hard salami . Any suggestions?


ground beef, eggs, potatoes, peanut butter. these are your friends.

also, you could make your own gainer shake with protein powder, milk, eggs, oatmeal, peanut butter, bananas, and extra light flavored olive oil.


Mark Rippetoe actually has the smaller guys drink one gallon of whole milk per day to bulk up. That would only run you about $3.00 a day and would give you tons to work with.


Milk and weight gainer is not a good diet. The carbs in weight gainers are dextrose/maltodextrin. These are very high GI carbs, and a steady diet of them is going to lead to too much fat gain and problems with insulin sensitivity. Same with milk. Combine the two and you are headed for a failed bulk. I would drink the mass gainer after a workout and that's it.

Oatmeal, brown rice, and potatoes are much better carb sources and they are very cheap. Ground beef, tuna, canned chicken and eggs are also very cheap.




Ok hows this sound then?

Morning: 4 Cups of milk , protein bar , banana

Post Workout: 4 Cups of Milk

Lunch: Rice ,beans, chicken , 4 cups of milk

Dinner: Groundbeef,Avacado , and 4 cups of milk.


All liquid diet= the shits all day.


I would try to get more then 1000 calories from whole foods but I get a large ammount of my calories from liquid (4 litre of whole milk with olive oil addded. I would struggle to get 4500-5000 calories without doing it.


I would try to get 3000 calories from whole foods. It's not that hard to do on the cheap when you've got eggs and ground beef on your side.


Try 200g steak, 1 cup of mixed veg, 2 medium potato, Eat that for breakfast, lunch and dinner. In between drink 3 shakes and add 2 eggs to each of them. You need vegetables for nutrients, steak for protein and potatoes for starchy carbs, your shakes with heaps of milk in between will help you bulk up.

Buy cheap cuts of meat and slow cook them, buy your veg frozen and in bulk, buy cage eggs they are waaaaaaay cheaper, buy potatoes as needed they are not expensive, that will keep it cheep. You could also add rolled oats to your shakes, just remember to soak them for a couple hrs before hand to soften them up.


a case of 90 eggs from Costco can be had for under $10. eat the suckers whole.


i hate eggs lol. can i eat them scrambled?




you can't make gains with that attitude. you ever try eating your postworkout meal after taking creatine? I swear, there isn't a more unappetizing time for me to eat but I get through the meal somehow. scramble the eggs, whatever you gotta do to get em down. eggs and ground beef are so cheap it's scary, I think 5 lb of ground beef at costco is like $15 now, compared to < 4 lb of ribeye for ~$35.