Basically Disabled after Starting TRT

Hey guys, new here.

30 y/o male. 5’8". 210 pounds. High body fat.

I’ve been extremely depressed, anxious, and lethargic for many years. I got blood work done about 3 months ago, and walah, my testosterone was a whopping 104. My PCP put me on 200mg test cypionate once a month. I took my first injection at that appointment. Towards the end of the month, I felt like shit, and I asked to do more frequent injections. So for the past 2 months I have been doing 50mg 2x/week. I got labs done a month ago and my test was at 350. Seems kind of low still, no? They didn’t test my E2 levels.

My problem is, I have had a lot of bad changes since starting TRT. I am EXTREMELY anxious, irritable, depressed, gloom and doom, bad brain fog, can’t concentrate, no motivation to leave the house, tightness in my chest, pounding heart, high heart rate, elevated blood pressure, and I feel faint all the time. Like to the point of passing out. I can’t drive more than like 5 miles from my home. Thankfully I’m a software developer and was doing a hybrid in-office/remote schedule, and my manager told me to just stay home until this passes so I don’t have to risk my life.

For example, my son had a Dr’s appointment about 25 minutes away last week. I had no one else to take him, so I gritted my teeth and put him in the car. After about 10 minutes of driving, I started feeling fainter, and fainter, and fainter. Heart racing. We get to the Dr, get back in the exam room, and I just kept feeling worse and worse. I had to close my eyes and put my hands on my head to keep from falling out. It’s bad.

Another example. Me, my girlfriend, and all 4 of our kids went to six flags a few weekends ago (she drove obviously). Just looking at the big roller coasters made me feel dizzy. I got on a kiddie ride with my son that slowwwwwly spins, and I had to try my best to get it together. We got in line for a little kiddie coaster, and once it was our turn it’s like I lost my balance and had to kind smack my face a little to not fall out before getting on. This makes absolutely no sense because I’ve always been a roller coaster fan. The bigger the better.

I know this is a little long-winded. I’m just trying to give as much info as possible. I’m going to try to get labs done this week, but I just want to hear you guys’ opinions. What do you think could be causing this? I’ve googled this symptom and I can’t find any reddit/forum posts about it really. Could my E2 be extremely high? I’m a pretty chubby guy with belly fat, so maybe most of the testosterone is getting converted into estrogen? That might explain why my levels were 350 after doing 50mg 2x/wk. I have to get this straightened out. I’m missing out on so much and my quality of life is worse than it’s ever been. Thank you all.

You said “high bodyfat”. Id imagine this is causing a lot of your T to convert to E, and now you’re getting high estrogen symptoms.

Why go straight to TRT when you know what you need to fix?

It does.

Doubtful. Not with a 350 total testosterone.

I do not know. Agreed, it does not make sense. It seems counter intuitive that you increase testosterone, after all, this started when you started testosterone. However, something has to change. It’s either stop testosterone or increase it. Labs would be interesting. Good luck


Can you verify where on the syringe you’re filling it up to and what’s the strength of the Test vial (100 or 200 mg)?

Anyways a trough of 350 ng/dL, no wonder you’re struggling.

Jesus Chr***, please understand this doctor has no idea what he’s doing.

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Fat guys (high body fat) will typically have higher estrogen even with low testosterone. For some men high estrogen isn’t a problem and for others it can cause symptoms.

There are some men that can find benefit from injecting small doses more frequently to minimize side effects.

Well how does your healthy diet for feeling good, dropping bodyfat and raising testosterone looks like?
And how many hours of cardio in different BPM ranges are you doing combined, to improve your energy and lower BP?

Cause to me it looks like you let it all go to shit and then injected smth in your ass thinking it will fix what you did to yourself.

I think there are at least 10 things you can do, that will fix all of this. TRT is the last of them, and only when you have put in the work for a few years.

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I didn’t know what I needed to fix. I went in blind and went with my doctor’s flow. Basically, my initial labs came back great besides T, and the doctor was like “Oh! This is the issue. Here is a prescription.”

Pretty fucking stupid, I know this now, but I was so desperate that I just trusted what they were saying. I have to say though, low T runs in my family. My brother is very fit and has low body fat, and he tested at about 250 T in his prime. My dad was the same way. They’re both on TRT.


My first protocol was 200 mg every 3 weeks.

I trusted my doctors and soon came to realize it was up to me to figure things out and that none of my doctors would be helpful going forward.

A lot of the protocols sick care doctors dish out are ancient, outdated and can actually cause you a lot of problems.

you said you had a history of mental issues for a long time. this is not fun i had periods of this and sometimes my anxiety goes up. sucks
your problem is not the TRT. your dose of 100mg/week is a relatively good dose, maybe a bit too low. also your total T is meaningless. my total T was 600 on 180mg/week. but even that dose was too high and I feel good on 150/week. what is your free T?
my guess is your changes in mood are purely psychosomatic. you have been extremely unstable already.
you won’t a solution in T. not sure if this is the good forum to get help. good luck