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Basically a Beginner Powerlifter Again

For two months i have been injured my right arm in a bike accident. and the doctor put cast in it so my strength is now gone and basically im a beginner what powerlifting program should i do? Starting strength but i find i can’t even do a single pull-up and hanging dips…

Two months isn’t really that long of a time to lose a lot of strength, some mostly neurological adaptations but it’s not going to be like that forever.

If you can’t do a pullup or dip then you use band assistance while you get stronger. Plain and simple. Or you substitute the movements for something you can do. Work through and around the injury.

so what powerlifting can you recommend?

I’d personally do an upper lower,focusing a lot on bodybuilding and gpp
After a while I’d either do 531 or westside

The way I’d focus on gpp is:
1.On upper body days for warm up I’d pick a tricep , a back and a rear delt movement and start from 2 cycles of 20 reps each slowly trying to work up to doing 3-4 cycles of 20-25 reps without it affecting my workout.Take a look at my log to see how I do it
2.I’d try to add supersets after a while,shorten the rest periods ect.
No need to hurry in any of the 2.Your priority should be to get in some solid work

can you please explain i dont get it and whats your log please send a link thank you

If you look at the last 30 posts or so you’ll see the way I suggest you warm up

5/3/1 boring but big would probably work wonders if you ate and slept like the book says.

There’s a ton of programs you can do.

West side 4 skinny bastards? what can you say?

Do the program as written. Eat. Sleep. Train.

go conjugate, not westside, imo

and it’s not the same damn thing

conjugate for beginners is that possible?

Of course it’s not the same thing, but West Side for Skinny Bastards IS a thing and as a beginner lifter he needs to follow a template that’s as clear as mud for a while.

It is possible sure. However the reason most people recommend following templates with accessory/etc all laid out is you have no idea how to program or even realistically what you’re capable of.

Find a program, stick with it for 12 months, re-evaluate.

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having that you are not capable of knowing what your weakness is, yes. Take a program that has everything layed out, follow it for 6-12 months and go from there

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i think ill be doing the ws4sb then do conjugate after that thank you!