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Basic WSBB for My Roommate

He just got a hitched 545 deadlift (515 clean) weighing 230 and he squatted 500 before his MCL and Meniscus tear a couple years back (probably around 455 now).

He can’t pull his hips through once the bar gets to the knee (weak glutes) and wants to start trying a basic Westside inspired template along Eric Cressey’s guidelines (Maximum Strength style).

I’m kind of at a crossroads here because I don’t know exactly how to balance increasing the glute strength through lifts while building the deadlift- I know low box squats are one of the best movements for this but he doesn’t really care about his squat right now.

Any insight is very welcome.

All sessions preceded by a 10 minute dynamic warmup with plenty of glute activation and hip mobility.

Preliminary plan:

9 Week ME Plan

  1. Anderson Front Squat 3RM, 2x5
  2. Anderson Front Squat, 1RM and singles
  3. Deadlift against Bands, 1RM and singles
  4. No ME
  5. Low Box Squat 3RM, 2x5
  6. Low Box Squat, 1RM and singles
  7. Reverse Band Deadlift, 1RM and singles
  8. No ME
  9. Max Attempt

DE Day is going to be heavy Rack pulls from below the knee followed by Speed Work- but I’m not sure whether to do either Box Squats, Speed Deads, or both. Maybe Speed Deads on ME day and Speed Squats on DE day?

Assistance work is going to tentative; Good Mornings, DB Swings, Bulgarian Split Squats and heavy Lunges, GHR, RDLs, decline situps, Wheel of Death variations, full contact twists and standing ab.

What it really comes down to is that I’m just thinking aloud here.

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