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Basic Workout Routine


What do you guys think of this 3-day split for someone in their mid-20's looking to put on mass:

Monday (Chest / Back):
Superset (Flat bench-press / Barbell bent over rows / Goblet squat)
Superset (Weighted dips / Weighted pull-ups / Goblet squat)
*goblet squats to give the upper body a rest and activate the posterior chain

Wednesday (Legs):
Superset (Deadlifts / pull-ups)
Superset (Back squat / pull-ups)
*pull-ups to give the lower body a rest and stretch out the lower back

Superset (Kettlebell clean and press / double Kettlebell squat)
Superset (Kettlebell push press / Kettlebell goblet squat)

Short, intense cardio on off days. Rest on Sundays.

Trying to do mostly large, compound exercises. Goal is to do about 6 supersets of each. What do you guys think?


Deadlifts then back squats on Wednesday might be asking for trouble. What percentages of your 1RM are you going to be using, and how many reps as well?

Also, are you sure about goblet squats working the posterior chain?


You could certainly do worse things. What sort of progression will you use?


I typically like to do deep goblet squats (knees back as much as possible) to utilize the glutes and posterior chain as much as possible. They also give me a short break from the upper body exercises and allow me to keep the HR up.

I'm thinking 2-3 sets of deadlifts (4-5 reps, working up to about 75% of 1RM) and 3-4 sets of squats (4-5 reps, working up to about 85% of 1RM). Goblet squats on Mondays and Kettlebell squats on Fridays are more complimentary exercises and I won't be pushing the weight as much on these.


Not really too sure about progression, I'm open to suggestions. Of course, I want to focus on keeping the reps low and upping the weight, just not sure what it'll look like.

Also, what do you guys think about incorporating a couple sets of pull-ups/chin-ups on Friday. A trainer recommended it to me; I can definitely squeeze out a few sets with good form, just not sure if it'll be too much.


I would squat before deadlifts, not after