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Basic Training


hello everyone i have just gone back to weight training after about a 20 year layoff I found a book worth its weight in gold the books name "Strength & Bulk Training for weight lifters & Bodybuilders by Reg Park. I Have been using the first program it is 45 deg Hypers 3x10 Barbell Squats 5x5 Bench Press 5X5 and Deadlifts 5X5 three days aweek and jesus the results in my strength are increadible my bench has increases 100 pounds squats 200 pounds deadlists 300 pounds all this in about 5 weeks.


most of it is probably due to muscle memory from 20 years ago lol… those gains are next to impossible in 5 weeks without muscle memory. What are the total stats now and before the layoff, do you remember ?