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Basic Test Results - Help?

Hey there - have some basic test results and wanted some folks opinions please.

T 146
Free T 6.6
T4 1.06
IGF (Insulin Growth Factor) 456
TSH 1.2
Cortisol 21
Prolactin 9

Based on this my doc:

  1. Put me on 125mg Cyp inj. once a week IM with a 23G needle (ouch)
  2. Ordered a Pituitary MRI?

I realize that the labs are pretty basic, but can someone give me some advice on them please? Anything stick out like a sore thumb? Thanks so much for your help/advice ahead of time - this forum is great!!

Use the [edit] function in your post above to edit that post, adding lab ranges. We always need that.

Read the protocol for injections sticky and the sticky about lab work. You do not need to inject with 23 gauge.

Always need time of day for cortisol, or time since waking up, add that too.

You need to check E2 levels in the future.

Get tested for DHEA-S

Also need:
cholesterol levels?
where do you carry fat and how has that been changing?
list supplements
describe diet
describe energy levels, how they change during the day
using iodized salt or iodine in vitamins?
get cold easily?
when do you think that your T levels crashed?
any illnesses, accidents, whiplash prior to that?

MRI: Any reduction in peripheral vision width?

Need LH/FSH to determine what is going on. If LH/FSH numbers are good, pituitary is good and testes are not. That lab work is way less costly than a MRI.