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Basic Supplement to Take?

I’m on a massive bulking diet, as a skinny guy i’ve gained 11 pounds in the past 1.5 months (been sick for ages on and off just getting back into it now :D)…

I’ve been using high protein supplements (whey shake) in the morning & night, should I switch to a Massive Weight Gainer if weight gain is goal?(I’ve been told however that these are useless because they’re just carbs & these can be gotten eating bread!)

I eat regularly AND a lot so supplements are just a ‘supplement’… So basically, what should I look for… something massive like a 1000calorie shake??

Mr. Don’t know much about supplements!

Post your stats (heigh, weight, bodyfat, age) and then post a day’s worth of food so we can get an idea of how much you are really eating.

Skip the old school weight gain shakes and make your own high-calorie shakes using protein powder, flax and/or natural peanut butter and other ingredients. Then you can skip the useless carbs from sugar, and put some quality calories and nutrients in your body.

Height about 165 cms (5’8?)
Weight is 66kg (about 146lbs)
Bodyfat not sure, but not much fat on body! (If that helps!)

Typical Day say…

  1. Morning Whey shake in the morning followed by:
  2. 2 x omelette, orange juice, some nuts

after 1-2 hrs

  1. sandwich with everything and some apple juice

  2. lots of rice and potatoes, beans etc (diff. vegetables) is basically lunch

about 2-3 hours later

  1. either pasta, make myself a big chicken burger with the lot etc

  2. Dinner @ 8pm usually Naan Bread & accompiments(I don’t know how to explain this, those of you from the Indian subcontinent & the Middle East will know what I’m talking about… naan bread is basically heavy loaves of fried bread served with many mixes etc…)

  3. Night protein shake

  4. Dessert i.e. chocolate cake etc

  5. Apple

I hope I’m eating enough? I do try, and I’m usually full throughout the day, and I even try to put in little snacks here and there (not in list).

Nate, really interested in the home shake you talk about… I live in Australia so when I go to the health shop what should I ask for??