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Basic Supp Questions

Four questions because I have little experience with supps.

1)If I’m buying fish oil what amounts of epa and dha should I be looking to get?

  1. When I’m reading the back of a vitamin jar, what minerals/compounds/amounts am I looking to get? I’m thinking of getting animal pak since it’s not too expensive for a month, and im guessing that a regular multi from cvs wouldn’t be good enough, but any insight is appreciated.

  2. If I’m getting fish oils, should I still get flax as well, or is that just redundant?

  3. Aminos, if I get em, and I have read, mostly on this forum, that you get more bang for your buck elsewhere, what amounts of what aminos should I be looking for?

Thanks, if you need any info about me, I’m 24, training right now for a strongman comp, so I’m more interested in performance that aestethics (boy I hope I spelled that right) and I’m 230. Four training days a week, I’m looking for increased recovery. Sleep is already as good as its gonna get between work and training. I consistently get 5-6 meals a day (although only 3 are real food, breakfast, mid afternoon and pwo on wo days are all shakes) and this past week I’ve been good about making sure that most of those are home cooked meals. The fast food was awesome for the calories but the greases and sugars were f-ing with my system.

sorry if the fish oil or aminos or the flax question are covered in an article, i’d appreciate it if you could point me towards it if they are. thanks a lot.

1)As much as possible!! Berardi recommends 6 - 10 g of omega 3 a day

  1. What minerals/compounds? All of them except Iron which should be taken separatly

  2. Yes cos Flax has other benefits (Flax seeds)

  3. There dosent seem to be any one answer, do a google search