Basic Strength Training Routine, Good Enough?

16 yr olds, 167lbs, 5 foot 11, body fat % around 16-18
lifts: bench: 121lbs, squat 154lbs, deadlift: 187lbs, shoulder press: 66lbs, bicep curl(DB/Ezybar): 66lbs, Tri extension (DB/Ezybar): 44lbs

Workout A
3x5 Squat
3x5 Bench Press
1x5 Deadlift
3x5 dips
Workout B
3x5 Squat
3x5 Standing military press
3x5 Pendlay Rows
3x5 Pull Downs
incline skullcrushers - 5 x 8-12
barbell/DB/EZ-Bar curls - 5 x 8-12
Monday - Workout A
Wednesday -Workout B
Friday - Workout A
Monday - Workout B
Wednesday - Workout A
Friday - Workout B

3000+ calories 200+ grams of protein

gonna give it a go for 6 months then go back to a 4 day split to iron out imperfections and start a cutting phase
your opinions, tips, modifications all welcome

Additional information: i do football training (Australian Football League) Tuesday/Thursday
football game Sunday
instead of just a weighted crunch and hyperextension i em aiming to do a full core workout on the days between workouts
i have weights, dumbbells, ezy-bar, barbells, a lot of weight, pec deck machine, roll out device, pull down machine, leg curl end to one bench and a leg curl machine
1 year of training so far, gained 33lbs

i aimed to put a far bit into this post to get feedback on what could be done differently, plz no trolling, i know my last posts have look rather the same but this is my new workout and i em only a beginner