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Basic Set Up of a Training Day

Hi Ct

Reading your post lately about training too much, I along with other really relate. Ive been making a concerted effort to limit my training so as not to destroy my progress.

Im giving my self set in stone limits that I MUST obey, otherwise I know ill fall into bad habits -

Im limiting my self to 4 days hard training PW. And limiting sessions to 60 (I know the 60min rule is arbitrary, but I find if I limit time, Ill have a faster workout pace, and stop myself doing too much useless volume)

With the workouts My Idea is to have a maximum of 5 lifts or movements a session of which -
1-2 can be big lifts (presses, deads, squats, heavy carries)
1-2 accessory (db lifts, carries for longer distance, variation of big lifts)
1-2 isolation
1-2 carries
1-2 conditioning (airdyne, prowler etc)

so any combo of those as long as it doesn’t exceed 5 lifts/movements…and actually try to keep it to 4 unless I feel fantastic.

would you change anything here? in terms of rep schemes I was thinking

big lifts - performance based like 54321
accessory - double progression reps ranging 6-8 or 8-10
iso - pump of going to failure.
carries - building up a desnity of work in a given time, then adding weight/distance.