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Basic Sample S&C Program Incorporating Strongman


Monday: Strength: Squat 3-5x3-5 Bench 3-5x3-5 Deadlift3-5x3-5 Weighted dips 4x8(ramped) Heavy farmers walks/ Yoke carries 5x50 yards Alternative: Front rack walking lunges 3x50yards
The Primary movements (Squat,Bench,Dead) are autoregulated, if feeling strong, go for a 3rm, if feeling particularly bad do 3x5 @75-80%. Bulk of work should be 3x3 @85-90%.
Tuesday:20mins easy cardio
Wednesday Speed: Chain squat 3-6x3 @50%1rm bar weight +25%1rm accommodating resistance Chain bench (Same as Squat) or Push press 3-6x3 Speed deadlift (Same as Squat) or Power clean 3-6x3 Weighted chins 4x8(ramped) Prowler pushes/ sprints 6-10 sprints of 50-100m
Thursday: 20 mins easy cardio
Friday: Hypertrophy: Front/SSB squat (Wk1: 3x15 WK2: 4x12 WK3:4x10 WK4:5x8 all ramped to a top set of RPE8-9) Incline Press (Same as squat) Good morning/GHD(Same as squat) Pendlay row (Same as squat) Lateral raises 5-7x12-15 Curl/extension superset 3-5x12-15 Farmers carries 5x200yards
Saturday:20mins easy cardio
Sunday: Rest
Perform Defrancos agile 8 + rear delt/rotator cuff work (eg, arrows, T’s, presses 3x7,7,7) before every workout.