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Basic Routine to Build some Functional Strength for Sports

Hi, new to the forum, thought I’d join for some constructive advice and shared knowledge. I’ve been easing myself back into weightlifting over the last few weeks, I used to be very into it when I was around 17-20, but I slowly fell out of the habit when I joined uni and sadly have put a bit of a gut on since… I was never majorly strong but probably bench press bodyweight, squat and deadlift 1.5x bodyweight and I could do sets of chins and dips with 20kg added weight, probably weighed around 80kg then, I weight approx 90kg now. Anyway, I’m looking to get back in shape and restore this strength, I’d like to join sport next year too, I’m not set on anything yet but considering a few, and I’d like to try grappling for a bit of fun as a couple of clubs are local now.

So I’m looking to start a new lifting routine, and I want to incorporate a bit of functional movement stuff, maybe some jumping and sprinting too. My new gym has a prowler sled, lots of kettlebells, a trap-bar and more so would be good to utilise this stuff I’ve never had access to before. I was thinking an upper/lower split, with maybe a day focusing on movement? I’d be interested to see what you guys think and if there are any templates you could recommend? I play squash a couple of times a week and I think this is good for cardio.

Thanks in advance!

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5/3/1. Start light, watch what you eat, and let everything fall into place. Good luck.


Thanks! I’ll check out the 5/3/1 templates

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Like it says in title…

can swap rower or bike work with prowler

If you are training for a sport than your training should be specific to the sport.

I figured I won’t be playing much sport until September so just need to shape up work on my general strength and fitness, and go from there, cheers!

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cheers, I’ll check it out