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Basic Routine: Input Wanted


I wanted to post up the basic routine I have been following for a couple weeks now. Every week I either increase the weight or add a set at the same weight, depending on how I feel. My goal is to slowly drop bodyfat while maintaining strength. I eat t-dawg low carb style, and eat maintenance cals on lifting days that I dont do cardio on, and above maint on days I do do cardio. Right now Im sitting at 6'1", 215-220. BF % tested next week.

Lifting program:
right now all sets are in the 80-90% 1rm range (3-7 reps) after ample warm ups.

Dat 1 Quad/Ham
high bar squats 5 sets
seated calf raise 5 sets
lying single leg curl 5 sets
reverse lunge from platform (about 6 inches high) 3 sets

Day 2 Chest/Tricep
flat DB press 3 sets
low incline DB press 3 sets (about 15% incline)
low decline DB fly 2 sets
dips 5 sets weighted (no forward lean)
tricep extension machine 3 sets

Day 3 rest/active cardio

Day 4 Back/Bicep
snatch grip deadlife 5 sets
parallel grip chins 5 sets weighted
BB row 5 sets (from platform to get stretch)
bb curl 3 sets
incline hammer curl 3 sets

Day 5 Shoulders
bb clean and press (from hang) 5 sets
DB side raise seated 5 sets
DB bent over raises 5 set
shrug 5 set

Day 6 rest

Day 7 starts cycle over

Any input would be appreciated. I just want to know if Im on the right track.


Looks pretty good, how long is your rest between sets?


looks pretty solid. get enough rest between sets because that's a bunch of volume


70s to 120s. I actually do count in my head, or while im heading to the fountain. 120 for the larger excercises like squats, deads, chins, pull ups... 70 or so for smaller stuff. I find it works pretty good, and the workouts arent really that long.


Looks pretty good, assuming you are a fan of the exercises you selected. For example, I would rather do some sort of press on shoulder day (DB, barbell military) than start out with a dumbell hang clean, but whatever works for you.


I use barbell hang clean & press. Basically a hang clean & push press rolled into on. Great trap activation from it also.


your alot bigger than me, im only about 5 8 160, but ive been working at a gym for three years now, its a perfect routine except for, in my opinion, the clean and press after back day, id stick with some type of overhead press bb, db, or machine. oh, and i personally prefer arms on its own day.