Basic Routine For New to Training?

I saw on the latest “Waterbury Prime Time” that Chad gave advice to a 17 year old who had never trained, who asked if ABBH1 would be a good program to follow. Chad said that it was not for him and recommended a basic workout focusing on the big lifts for about a year.

Here’s my question: I’m 24, so my muscular development is different than a 17 year olds. But I AM new to training. I had planned on jumping in head first with ABBH1, but do you guys think I should stick with a more basic routine for a few months first?

Training age and Age are Total diffetrent beast you can be training new and be 75 years old.

Do something like Big Boy basics or the Dawg School stuff. Nail tghe big compounds into memeory then go to something like ABBH.

Hope that helps,

Thanks. Just read the Big Boy Basics article and I think it’s perfect for me. Then, on to ABBH.