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Basic Routine for a Beginner?


I have a bud (know him from an online video game) that is JUST starting out lifting. I have recommended this site and asked him to bookmark the newbie thread. However, I need help with a couple resources.

What is the link to the site that has videos of many different lifts?

Also, what is a good basic routine for a beginner?

I have recommended: squats, deadlift, bench, dips... just the basic multi-joint, mass building lifts. However, I have no clue what newbie routine may be here for him. I'm sure something would fit his needs, but don't know what to search for. Remember, this is all new to him, so simple is good. Also, he just went off to college, so 3 school meals and maybe a couple protein powder meals a day is all he is gonna get supplement wise.



I don't think any of the programs here are optimal for a complete newbie as is. But any of them can be modified; the exercises are all excellent. Just have him stick to a higher rep range for awhile.


There are a few. One I have used is