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Basic Question, When To Grow, When To Diet?

Ok here is my question. I have been following t-dawg2 for some time now, my weight has droped from 263 to 222. Ive gone from a size 42 to size 34. Ive been lifting the entire time, rotating through various t-mag workouts. my question is this, ive kept my calories low, very low around 1700 a day, plus Im doing cardio for 30 min 3x a week. So no matter how much Ive been lifting it’s been an up hill battle to put on alot of muscle. I knew that going in, but I really wanted(needed) to drop the fat. Many moons ago I played div I football then I went from 7% body fat before a serious injury, to a 263 pound lazy lump of crap 1 year afterwards. Ive recovered from the injury, but I promised myself Id see an ab again…someday. So, back to my question. Im very happy with the fat loss, although it did come at a price. I still have a ways to go with my fat loss, I imagine im in the 16-20% range with body fat. Frankly still a mess, but Im making progress. when do you switch from trying to drop fat, to changing my diet and trying to grow? should I wait till Im at my body fat goal? Rotate back and forth every couple weeks? Thanks in advance.


the third article discusses body fat% and when to diet and when not to diet.