Basic Push/Pull Routine

Here is the routine I’ve been running with succes (I mean getting stronger consistently) for the last 4 months.
I’m not a beginner, but I come from a long layoff (so muscle memory is a factor, but anyways…)
I just wanted to share my routine. Hope I had shot a few pics before starting, because I put a decent amount of mass on my frame…

M,W,F ABA BAB; 90 seconds between sets;

A: Push
3x8-12 Bench Press
3x8-12 Seated Press
3x8-12 Dips
1x20 Breathing Squats;

B: Pull
3x8-12 Barbell Row
3x8-12 Chin Ups
3x8-12 Ez bar curl
1x20 Breathing hex bar Deadlifts


This looks like a decent plan that could take you far if you are eating well

Oh and by the way i love 20 reppers aka widowmanker… Brutal and terrific.

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Looks really low volume to me, most push/ pulls I’ve seen have a lot more exercises in them.

But, if it’s working, keep doing it until it doesn’t work any more is usually the advice on here.

If it’s optimal is a whole other 30 threads of discussion lol.

For me, the volume looks fine, but then I’m really lazy. Especially if the lntensity is highish. 8 - 12 rep spread will give enough stimulus variety. I say keep at it for as long as it works, but that doesn’t mean changing as soon as reps stop increasing. I’d say push into a plateaux for a while and keep eating well.