Basic Push Pull Legs Routine

Hey all, I was thinking of starting a 3 on 1 off split so that I can get to the gym more often. Anyway I was thinking of the classic push pull legs routine. Anyway i was wondering if its alright to do deadlifts on my leg day? I primarily feel it in my hamstrings so im thinking it would make the most sense with legs. Im trying to keep it very basic so i was thinking something like this


Pullups x 2
Chinups or nuetral grip pullups x 2
rows x 3
curls x 3


Barbel Bench x 3
Shoulder Press x 3
Incline DB x 2
Dips or tri movement x 2


Squat x 3
Deadlifts x 3
Calves x 3
Abs x 3

The reason I have deadlifts with legs is so that im not deadlifting and squatting with only 1 days rest between so often, id hit them both and give my whole lower body 3-4 days rest. So do you guys think this is a good routine? Thanks.

Whats the difference between a pullup and a chinup

Not quite sure why you’ve taken it upon yourself to create a program. Why don’t you do some research and find a tested, proven routine. There are SO many on this site, you are doing yourself a disservice by not selecting one of them to follow.

[quote]chobbs wrote:
Whats the difference between a pullup and a chinup[/quote]

Pullup - a wide and pronated grip
Chinup - the opposite, works your biceps a bit more