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Basic Program To Get Back On Track

Alright, so my schedule has just gotten totally out of control and inconsistent due to all kinds of life related shit. So I’ve rough drafted something that will potentially allow me to quickly regulate and do workouts that I want to finish, instead of backing out because reasons A, B, or C. I’m more limited on time than I’ve ever been, and I actually enjoy my home life and relationship again, so those are coming first, however I want to keep making progress, even if my priorities have changed.

Here’s the loose outline, any advice would be appreciated.

Main Goal:
Something that will help me focus and get back in the game.

Secondary Goal:
Get some lost strength back from weightloss and stay fit

  1. Pull Ups Super/Giant Set Warm-Up
    -alternate wide grip, nuetral, and chin ups. Keep movement varied, add chains, weight, negatives, etc. Superset with relative warm ups for the main lift, something to get my heart rate up. Something similar to super light conditioning.

  2. Core lift. Work up to a top set of 3-5 on bench squat or dead. Pick a rep number during the day, based off how I feel, sleep, food intake, etc. Can be comp lift or very close supplemental (ie slight grip variation, chains, pins, etc) . Once again, keep it varied and pick based off daily self evaluation.

  3. Volume Core Lift. Back off. Do 3-4 sets of 8-10 reps. If Core Lift was Comp, do supplemental lift here and vice versa, if core lift was supplemental, do comp lift for volume.

  4. Assistance. Giant sets. Minimum of 2 Legs, 2 back, 2 arms, and 3 core per week. Can run as a circuit for a predetermined time frame, or prescribed sets. Focus on high reps, hypertrophy, until failure etc.

I figure this keeps things loose enough to allow me to coordinate based on how I feel that day, but also doesnt feel like I’m spinning my wheels.



3 days a week. 4 if I feel spunky

Day 1 Squat
Day 2 Bench 1
Day 3 Dead
Day 4 Bench 2

Less focus on weekly workout and, rolling cycles of 4

I don’t know how much equipment you have but this is fun if you just do ONE complex a day instead of both.


Tactical Barbell Mass Protocol

Even if you’re goal isn’t gaining mass, the simplicity will sure laser focus while negating any stress that the more complicated programs can bring.

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I’ve ended up in a similar boat, and have gone from training daily (once did 16 days straight) to now training once every 4 days or so.

Basically, I have gone back to my ‘roots’ with so-called high intensity training and developed a sort of hybrid Mike Mentzer programme. If you’re interested, it looks a bit like this:

Day 1
A1) Flat DB Fly
A2) Bench Press

B1) Leg Curl
B2) Nordic Curl

C1) Rear Delt Raise
C2) Chest supported Row

D1) Rope Pushdown
D2) Dips

Day 2
A1) Seat Lat Raise
A2) Viking Press

B1) Leg Extension
B2) Belt Squat

C1) DB Pullover
C2) Chins

D) BB Curl

Basically, it is minimum warm up, then pre-exhaust superset - one set to failure. Other intensity techniques include rest pause (on pressing movements), negatives (on dips, chins, Nordic curls and BB curl) and forced reps on the belt squat.

I autoregulate the intensity techniques. For example, it has been 48 hours after I did Day 2 and my lats are still pretty sore. That was one set to failure on the DB pullover (I think 10 reps), followed by about 6 reps on the chins to failure, followed by about 3 negative reps on the chins (climb up on the step ladder and lower slowly).

I’m going to have to do that again one day. I really liked it

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Yep looks fine, like you said main thing is getting in the gym and keeping some long term enthusiasm going.

If really short on time or want to change it up occasionally could even just do widowmaker/one hard set of 20

Me too! I would like to run it after I get done with the Kroc thing. The weather will be better to get outside for the jumps and stuff.