Basic Program for Legs?

I’ve been doing the Ian King Chest Program, in my 4th week now. It’s great! However, I’m not doing his ‘Limping’ program because:

  1. I’ve never trained legs properly (for at least 3 months +), so I would like to build strength with basic compound movements and gradually reach a peak.

  2. I’ve done an IK program for legs before in the past 3 months (stopped halfway due to sickness) and therefore I don’t want to repeat myself, rather just start properly with compound movements.

I’m looking at leg training once every 6 days. What kind of program should I look at?



This one looks alright, doesnt seem like it will be too too hard, like one of IK’s limping programs.

Theres another one in here.

I like the second link a little bit more. But both programs seem like a good basic leg program.

I like supersetting front squats with full, non-lock squats. I load the bar and do a set of front squats and then immediately duck under the bar and do the same number of reps in the full back squat except that I stop about 2-3 inches short of locking out at the top.

I do this twice a week, with one day keeping the reps at 7 or less and the other day the reps are 8+

But ANY leg program that stresses basic movements, done with near perfect form, in a progressive manner, with a wide range of repetitions will always work.

Hmmm… my thoughts…

If your’e always training to failure thaen many trainees don’t have the recovery ability to recover from two devastating leg workouts in a week AS well as upper body training. Assuming hypertropy is your goal I personally prefer to do two workouts, a week which are strenuous but not devastating. The first is hamstring dominant, with secondary emphasis on quads, the second is quad dominant with secondary emphasis on hamstrings.

I change my workouts quite often so an example is:

Workout 1:
3reps x 8sets with 5RM Front-squat
6reps x 3sets Dumbbell step-ups
seated calf-raises, rest-paused.

Workout 2:
3reps x 8sets with 5RM stiff-leg deads
8reps x 3sets Lunges
leg-press donkey calf-raises, rest-paused.

And that’s adequate for me. It’s served me really well, although some would say the volume is a little low.

I’m currently experimenting with the QUattro Dynamo programme, and it uses antagonist supersets, whihg would be a really nice way to save time… but it doesn’t give much set protocol flexibility.