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Basic Powerbuilding Split


Just a bit of background at first, I’m 18 years old, started training at 15 with an old barbell and some bodyweight stuff, went to the gym for a few years before losing focus, before buying a power rack and moving on to a pretty basic 3x5 routine for gaining strength about 6 months ago.I recently tested my one rep max for all 3 big lifts (and standing overhead press)
Bench Press@105kgX1
Overhead press@65kgx1
(all this done at 85kg bodyweight)

Recently, my gains have started to stall dramatically despite several deloads so I thought I’d move over to a 4 day Powerbuilding type split. As this is my first post any critique on my routine or indeed the thread itself is more than welcome.
Day 1-Upper body strength
Bench press 5x2
Overhead press 3x5(superset with weighted pullups 3x5)
Powercurls 3x6
Close grip bench press 3x6

Day 2- Lower body strength
Squat 5x3
Deadlift 5x3
Farmer’s walk 3x30 yards

Day 3-Upper body hypertrophy
Trap bar rack pulls 3x10
Incline bench press 3x10
Shoulder giant set ( plate front raise, lateral raise, face pulls) 3x10
Concentration curl 2x15
Tate press 2x15

Lower body hypertrophy
Front squat 3x10
Sliding leg curl 3x10
Bulgarian split squat 3x12
Single leg hip thrusts 3x12( each leg)

Ab work will be done on two of these days and consist of a hanging leg raise variation, a plank variation and a crunch variation, possibly with some Russian twists thrown in as well

My equipment is limited to dumbbells (Olympic handles), a barbell, a power rack, an adjustable bench, a trap bar, assorted plates and a few odd chains and bands

I will aim to be eating 150-180g of protein per day, with 200-250g of carbs and aim to consume 3000 calories, although more may be needed. My training days will be Monday, Tuesday,Thursday and Friday, with every 6th week being a deload or just basic bodyweight training to take strain of the joints and cns.


Just finished today’s workout,which took little more than 45 minutes.
For bench press I started off light as I feel I need to improve my form and work on exploding the weight up. My first two sets of two reps were at 80kg, the next two sets of two reps were 82.5kg with the final set of two being at 85kg. For overhead press I managed 3 sets of 5 reps, all at 50kg, which felt relatively light, but form does need some work. This was superset with weighted pullups, although I’ve not done these for a long time, so I only managed 3 sets of 5 reps, with an additional 5kg in the form of a weighted chain round my neck.

Power curls felt good at a weight of 37.5kg and I did manage to get a decent pump from this as well, despite only doing 3 sets of 6 reps. Finished off with close grip bench press at 3 sets of six reps,all at 50kg. This was a bit light but I really focused on exploding the weight off my chest and lowering it under control. All in all, it was a good workout to start off the new year, and I feel this split will get some great gains in strength and size


Finished today’s workout at about half 5 but only got round to posting it now due to having a ridiculous amount of work to do for mock exams coming up, the workout itself lasted slightly longer than yesterday’s as it took 45 minutes for me to complete. Still had some DOMS in my Lats, Upper back and Traps from yesterday’s session, but I managed to train through it without it affecting today’s workout too much.
I decided to do 5x2 on squats rather than 5x3 because I’ve not gone very heavy for a long time. I’m pleased with the depth I managed to hit but the speed, especially coming out the hole was somewhat lacking, and the final two sets unveiled a sticking point about 3/4 of the way up.

The weights used for all five sets were 120kg for doubles, although I may lower this next strength training session. Deadlifts were also done for 5x2 at 125kg and felt good, with every rep coming up with ease, although again speed does need some work so the weight may be lowered to perfect that. Farmer’s walks 3x30 yards with 80kg felt very easy, although my forearms and Traps may disagree with that tomorrow, overall a pretty decent training session.