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Basic PCT for Test Cycle?


I've been trying to research the PCT subject and it seems that there is actually so much info and so much opinion that I can't find a straight answer. Just when I think I've found my answer I dig a little further and someone says don't do that I will cause this or that or worsen sides. I am planning on doing what I would call, my first "real" cycle.

I plan on keeping it simple and as side-effect free as possible, 250mg test enanthate 2x weekly for 10 weeks. I think I have narrowed down a simple and common PCT, but just not sure of dosage, when to start and stop, or if I even need it for this cycle? I'm looking at Nolvadex, Aromasin, or HCG, or a combo? I've read that you can take 500iu of HCG weekly through your entire cycle to prevent testicular atrophy and make your recovery easier.

I also read that HCG in your cycle will make you even more prone to gyno? And there's Nolva. Not sure if I need it, what dosage and when to start and stop, if it should be on hand just in case, or not at all, also read it can actually cause more estrogen production? I have seen good things about Aromasin, some use during cycle and some PCT?

Please help, I just need some honest advice, nothing extreme. Thanks


Man, if only there was a sticky for this exact question....


If only..

Op run nolvadex 40/40/20/20 and taper off aromasin during your pct.

do not run hcg during pct as it is suppressive.


Ok, If you had to go with one or the other, Nolva for PCT or Aromasin during cycle, which one is more important?


You can run aromasin during PCT