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Basic Nutrition for 18 Year Old Fellas


Just asking on everyones thoughts on a list i have compiled that contains superfood/nutriton supplement my friend and I are starting to take and I'm just wondering on your opinions if were taking in too much of a particular nutrient or not getting enough of one or just going plain overboard

Each day we will just be having a small serving of each of the current:

Fish oil-4 Flameout tablets
Goji Berries- Small handful, mixed in with a nut mixture. (almonds, brazils, pumpkin seed)
Chia Seed- 2 table spoons mixed in with some water or protein shake before bed
Flax Seed- 2 table spoons or so mixed in with breakfast or a shake
I sometimes also take superfood although i think mine has expired and gone quite hard, i dont really like the taste..

Off topic, wondering if Carob chocolate is a good treat every so often?

All of this is mixed in with a pretty well balanced diet, tuna and meat each day, vegies, rice or pasta.

Im just wondering im taking in too much omegas or should i add in a new type of snack or substitute one out.


This is the important part.

If you're taking the Flameout, the flax is probably unnecessary. Unless you just like flax.


Fiber perhaps?