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Basic Lifting Question(s), Rotate or Not


I've lurked here for a while and have been following http://www.tmuscle.com/free_online_article/sports_body_training_performance/dawg_school_1 this.

Is it best to do all 3 sets of the same exercise consecutively or to rotate them ie: do curls, wait 90 seconds, curls, wait 90 seconds, curls. Or do Pullups, 90 seconds, rows, 90 seconds, etc.

Also, I would like to mix in some power clean, push jerk, and maybe some dead lift since I hear that is the best muscle builder into the beginner plan from the link above. Does anyone have a suggestion for an optimal way to do that?



I personally only switch exercises if I’m supersetting, and only if those exercises hit or emphasize different muscles. Like today I swapped back and forth between leg curls and extensions. The exercises you’re talking about all hit the biceps to some extent. I’d push curls to the very end to burn them out. If you run out of time to do curls, at least you’ve already hit them indirectly. I’d also be concerned that jumping between rows and pullups might cause you to focus less on proper form and technique, which could lead to injury later when you start stacking on the weight.

Deadlifts are great, but I’ve never pulled heavy from the ground, just romanian deadlifts and rack pulls, both of which are still great exercises for piling on muscle.


If you intend on doing the program, I advise doing the program as written. I wouldn’t advise adding deadlifts, power cleans, or push jerks while doing this program.

I’d do the lifts consecutively, but I don’t really think it matters, so long as you get the lifts in and your weights are going up.

If you really want to mix in DL’s and PC’s into your program, I recommend doing this: