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Basic Instinct 2...Just Me?


Or is Sharon Stone looking incredibly bangable in this??
She's like almost 50 right?


I wonder who her surgeon is

I liked her before her first lot of work, she was really pretty nad natural in King Solomons Mines


I can asure you that it is most certainly not just you.

yummy mummy for sure.


I think she's 48. Apparently the MPAA made them cut out a 3-some scene from that movie to make an R rating. The unrated DVD should be smokin.


Even if she has no kids, fits the MILF description perfectly.

Someone needs to come up with a new term for the older, non-mom, still hot women. MILF just doesn't fit.


She doesn't have kids? Damn, hot women need to spread their genes!


I thought she had a kid. Anyhow, she's damn hittable. She got in great shape for Catwomen and has been looking awesome ever since. (yeah, likely some surgery involved too, but who cares.)


Sad: You referenced King Solomons Mines
Sadder: I've actually seen that movie and the sequel!


Unless Sharon was in some other catwoman movie I haven't seen, I'm pretty sure you're thinking of Michelle Pfieffer.


Maybe he means the Halle Berry "Catwoman" movie in which Sharon Stone had a supporting role?


She was in "Catwoman" with Halle Barry.

Don't feel bad, no body else saw it either.


the term is cougar.



LOL, i had to think about this one too. I forgot about the Halle Barry catwoman.


Holy crap nice find! Hello sugar mamas!


So Cougar means an older hot woman? I love that.


Yeah-I saw it on tv the other week. Halle and Sharon were the only saving graces. Has to be one of the worst movies ever made. But they made it almost tolerable


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"Almost" being the key word. I saw it a couple of weeks ago as well, had free HBO for the weekend, and couldn't believe how awful the acting was.

But Halle and Sharon were pretty hot. But not hot enough to save the flick from suckdom.


The funny thing is she is in a new movie titled "Cougars".


exactly. well-tanned cougars seem to be especially concentrated in the beach cities of Orange County, though plenty have been spotted as far south as San Diego.