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Basic HOT-ROX ?

Hi - my girlfriend picked a bottle of the original HOT-ROX up for me from GNC about a week ago. I was wondering- my appetite hasnt changed- but am I supposed to do anything differently? Like I assume that if you dont change anything, continue working out and eating healthy it just accelerates fat burn? Is that correct, or am I supposed to eat less? What is your experience with this product?


Ok ill be nice what are you trying to do whyt are you taking HOT-ROX yes its a fat loss SUPPLEMENT as in it supplements a diet and training program and aids in burning fat and preservation of muscle.

You do need to eat for your gols and train for them as well. which means if you are looking to lose fat you need to eat less food than you are expending in energy.

I mean this is like someone saying my girl bought me creatine, or protein powder, or hell a half a cow worth of ground beef. Been taking/eating it and havent noticed anyhting different should I be working out if i want muscle. Same concept no easy way out just aids to our goals you still have to put forth the effort.

I suggest reading the product thread here in the store. Id Hit up the welcome to T-Nation thread and are you a beginer above then come on backl woth any questions.