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Basic Gym In Central Phoenix?

Hi, everyone

Pardon me for posting on what I suspect is a guys' site, but I'm a gal who is on a quest to find a good weight training gym in central Phoenix--or perhaps encourage a current or future gym owner to open one in this area (32nd Street & Camelback). I suspect that an independent gym would do very well around here.

The two main gyms nearby are LA Fitness (which is carpeted! and actually shows soaps during the day! oy!) and Bally’s, both of which are corporate and boring. I’ve been going unenthusiastically to LA Fitness for about 18 months, all the while hoping that an independent gym will open nearby.

I saw the postings on this site for Strength Works, which looks great, but it’s a bit far. I know that new places open all the time, so I thought I’d see if I’ve overlooked someplace.