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Basic Fat Loss Program?


I found a bunch of articles related to fat loss on the site but my head is spinning with all the options! Can somebody recommend a good fat loss program? I have ample time to train over the next couple months


the one you like

the most important is nutrition.


what's ample time? 5 days a week? two, three times a day? morning, noon, night? couple months is two, three, more?


yea, i have time for 5 days a week two times a day, anytime. probably like 3 months.


i thought the edit made it in there...

do you have a target for your measures (weight, body fat%, circumferences)? what are your measures now? 3 months could be enough time, especially if you've gone on a serious diet phase before, or it might not be enough depending on your target goals.


do a normal program and simply eat meat, fish and a ton of veggies. A few dried nuts, and oils.

I also eat omelettes and 1-3 fruits. and if I feel hungry I'll eat carbs as well but not a lot.

To be honest I think the people who say only meat/fish and veggies are crazy. You'd need to eat 5 lbs of meat to not lose weight too fast.
Also drink a ton of water. 1.5 gallons or two.

I'm losing more than 1 lb per week eating like this around half the days. On the other half when I "cheat" I have eaten even pizzas and other crap sometimes.

My point is, its easy don't overthink it. Simply remove carbs and keep to a calorie deficit of 500-1000kcals. If you are feeling too hungry don't be afraid to eat carbs, just don't overdo it.


Good start would be to track your food. Lol, gotta know where you are starting out at.




Great routine for fat loss.
Don't forget your nutrition needs to be solid.