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Basic Equipoise Cycle

Weeks 1 – 14:
– Testosterone Enanthate at 500mg/week
– Equipoise at 400mg/week

Weeks 1-14:
0.25 - 0.5mg Anastrozole EOD

Weeks 15-18:
0.25 Anastrozole E3D

Weeks 19-23:
Tamoxifen 20/20/20/20/20, 0.25 Anastrozole E3D

Weeks 24&25:
0.25 Anastrozole E3D

My first cycle was:
Weeks 1-10 Test E 500mg
Weeks 1-12 Anastrozole @ .25mg EOD
Weeks 12-16 Tamoxifen @ 20/20/20/20

I’m planning to run my PCT differently this time as I had a bit of estrogen rebound during and after my last PCT.

My biggest debate with myself has been whether or not to increase the EQ to 600mg/ week. I have about concluded that if this cycle produces decent results then I will likely use Dbol at the beginning and run EQ at 600 next cycle. Anyone who has ran a cycle similar to please feel free to post your results and/or any amendments to my proposed cycle.

Amount of mgs for EQ depends a lot on your previous cycles, and steroid experience.
My first cyle with EQ, I felt like shit the whole time, nausea, loss of appetite, bad cardio, anxiety. I was only doing 250-350 test, but front loaded 1200mg of EQ for the first 4 weeks, then 500mgs /week. I think that was the killer, but it still gave me good gains.
I was put off EQ by that experience, a couple of cycles of other gear later I tried EQ again. This time no frontloading, just 375mg of EQ, and 200mg of test. I had no problems, good gains, from a relatively small amount of steroids, cardio was sensational.

I’d be conservative stay at 400mg of EQ, see how you go on that for one cycle. Then If you have tolerated the drug well, bump it up to 600mg/week, for your next cycle.

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Thanks @Beyond_Beyond. I have decided to turn my test down to 200mg/week and Eq 400mg/week, along with my AI, and will run this for 16 weeks. I like the idea of slow and steady progress with as little AAS as possible. I appreciate the advice.

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You probably won’t need much aromatase inhibitor/anti estrogen either with the reduction in test. EQ isn’t very androgenic, compared with many other steroids.
I got by with only 25mg of clomid every day.
Everyone is different, but I found that my balls didn’t shrink as much as a high test cycle, despite being a much longer cycle. Sex drive, morning wood dipped only a little, after the cycle.

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Totally agree. AI on that cycle is total overkill. Use 20 mg tamoxifen a day and call it good.

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How would you dose tamoxifen for say 600test 450 EQpw and 40mg ed dbol, with aromasin?

Even on 600 mg test and tren I don’t use an AI. I just run tamoxifen. How much Aromasin are you using already? Have you had bloods taken showing need it?

No bloods with aromasin, but with 1mg eod of adex at 550test my e was at 50. I was thinking that aromasin at 12.5 ed would be better, especially with tamoxifen in there as well, right now I’m on 150mg prop a week,spread even with .5 eod adex Alex and e2 is still fluctuating for a few days good and a few bad.

Thanks for the advice man! I used .25mg AI EOD during my last cycle of test and it seemed to work great for me… I got pretty bloated and had acne once I cut it out and during my PCT which I attributed to estrogen rebound. I’ll definitely do some more reading and look into running Tamoxifen throughout which isn’t something I considered before now. Will taking 20mg/day help prevent testicular shut down? Keep AI on hand and use only if gyno symptoms arise?

How did you feel on the .5 mg a day? When you had an e2 of 50 how did you feel using 1mg eod? That’s a monster dose longer term.

Well, in the beginning pretty good. Then as the as the weeks wore on I started getting issues, decreased energy, lack of motivation mood swings, so I dropped to a cruise dose, had a little flare up, that’s been a bitch, nipples have been puffy, no tissue no growth, just puffy and itchy around the time for another injection.

Respectfully agree to disagree. Keep your Test higher than secondary compounds. Your original plan seemed fine. First 8 weeks of my contest prep cycle was 750test/600eq no problems at all. I had libido issues last time I was running more EQ/Tren than Test.

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I want to emphasise everyone is different, too much test for one guy might cause gyno, acne, and balding. Another guy might do the same amount of test and have no negative sides.

Keep in mind that in the 60’s 70’s and 80’s testosterone was not as common or used in the amounts that are commonly recommend these days. Other predominently anabolic drugs were used to achieve the look, and increase strength, without as much negative sides(plus AI was not generally available).

You need to do a bit of experimentation to find out what drugs and amounts work for you as an individual. If you can tolerate a certain safe amount you can always increase the amount next cycle, if you want a bigger anabolic effect. If that level doesn’t increase negative side effects stick with it for a while. Unless you are a Pro bodybuilder you really don’t need to take massive amounts of anabolics.

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This. It blows my mind how many guys jump to massive dosages and then try to counter the side effects with extremely harsh drugs (sorry guys, hate to tell you - arimidex is a HARSH drug). Use the least amount necessary and forgo all the side effects. Jeez. It really is just that simple. I am a firm believer that if you can’t grow on 3-400 mg of test the problem isn’t -a) your drugs being underdosed or fake or b) your estrogen being out of whack. It’s you and your training and your diet and your recovery or lack of any of these.

Hey I was just testitesting the waters. I think my test sweet spot is around 350 400 pw. I would like to try enanthate at a higher dose as 400 cyp and 400 enanthate felt totally different. I definitely prefer the enanthate. Also I have ordered a Shit ton of nolva. I have done a bunch of reading on it and if I can keep e2 in check on it alone on my cruise then I will keep it in. How do you introduce nolva for trt

I think you should just roll with 20 mg tamox a day

Do you split dose or qd

QD :slight_smile: well done with the terms my friend :slight_smile:

Thanks man. Also I just got my blood work back and my tsh was like 9.4 on a 1.2 to 3.8scale
FT4 was 1.4 on .81 to 1.77
Kinda explain why I’ve been lethargic also a1c was slightly elevated which I would say was due to all the sugar quick carbs towards the end of my growth phase.

Your tsh was a 9.4?! That’s insane. I would look for a redraw due to lab error likely on that. Seen toy being treated for thyroid dysfunction ?