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Basic Diet for 20 Year Old, Guidelines/Principles?

Having tracked macros since my junior high school, I have gotten to the point where tracking macros and constantly worrying about my calories daily, has lead to an unhealthy relationship with food. I constantly get urges to binge after I hit my calories/macros for the day. In order to not further exacerbate the possible disorder, I am just looking for a basic diet plan I could follow without having to constantly worry about tracking macros. In case it is needed, I am 5’6", 20 years old and 147 lbs. Pretty lean, visible 6 pack, veins in abs, etc. Currently lifting on candito’s 6 week strength program. 1rm for b/s/d is 195/315/395. Thank you guys!

Bit weird lel,

Maybe just eat dude. Guesstimate daily protein so you hit 120-150g a day and watch the scales to see if your weight is trending upwards or downwards and at what rate. You could eat “clean” if you want with veggies, unprocessed foods, good fats etc. Then just lift towards whatever goal you want on whatever program.

If you’re some concentration camp Justin Bieber looking motherfucker and too attached to your abs then maybe some weight gain will do wonders for you.

lol thank you man for the response. I wouldn’t say i am a concentration camp justin beiber looking guy lol. I’d describe it as an atheltic build, mainly from wrestling. But thanks!