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Basic Bodypart Split vs Ws4sb

Hi long time lurker looking to gain size and strength with the emphasise on size .Currently doing ws4sb variation (substituted dynamic for rep lower ) .Over the last couple of months wsfsb has produced steady strength gains and some hypertrophy apart form arms .Fancy a change to more of a bodybuilding orientated routine something like shut up and lift program ,but unsure whether or not it will speed up or slow progress.Any input would be appreciated

current stats weight 170 bf 12 ish % height 5ft 7

squat-atg 110kg

shoulder press 65kg

deadlift 155 kg (haven’t tested since started training legs should of gone up)

strict barbell row 70kg

shut up and lift program

If you’ve found that WS4SB isn’t stimulating all of your muscles to grow enough, by all means split it up - there is no need to rotate exercises and vary workloads and set/rep schemes week to week like in that article though…

Look at it this way, if 6 months from now you’ve gained 20lbs of bodyweight, and taken your squat from 100kgx5 to 125kgx5, your thighs will be bigger whether you achieved that doing westside or a bodypart split (both will get you there at about the same speed unless you train stupidly).

However, if one of the programs keeps other basic lifts like barbell curls and the like from getting that same weight progression, definitely change that aspect of your training to accommodate muscle groups that need it.

And make sure your diet is allowing you to gain bodyweight.

Thanks for the replies i think i might just take your advice on board certainly makes sense. Ahh my first body part split think i might scour t nation archives for solid program .Quite looking forward to somthing different

No need to find and follow an exact program unless you really want to.

Besides the fact that T-Nation is infamous for over-complicating routines to the point of stupidity…

If I were in your shoes I’d just pick a very simple, traditional bodybuilding template and stick with it for a while, listening to your body and making small changes when necessary (maybe a lift stagnated and needs to change, or maybe you want to move biceps out of back day to their own Arms day, etc…)

The name of the game is finding the exercises and the setup that work for you and your body.