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Basic Barbell Training

Continued from previous thread that was in the wrong section.

OHP 71kg 5/3/4
Squat 3x5 160kg
Chinups 10/9/9

Bench Press 3x5 95kg. Finally 3 sets which I am sure were all me.
Squat 3x5 165kg

OHP 71kg 3x5 PR
Deadlift 1x5 150kg

Bench Press 3x5 97.5kg. Overly generous spotter on the 2nd and 3rd sets. Repeating this weight again.
Squat 170kg 5/5/4 I think I rushed my last set. Will hopefully get it on Friday.
Bodyweight after workout- 89.5kg Happy in the knowledge that I may finally be out of the 80kg zone.

OHP 72.5kg 5/4/1
Squat 170kg 2x5. Just as I got under the bar for my 3rd set I felt really sick so I dashed to the changing rooms and threw up in the sink. The ab pain pretty much ended up workout right there.

Bench Press 1x5 97.5kg
Deadlift 140kg Gone right back down after I realised how bad my technique was after reading SS.
Bench Press 1x5 100kg
Squat 170kg 1x5 1x3. Shoes ripped in my second set. Looking to purchase some lifting shoes but don’t know where to buy some from.

OHP 72.5kg 5/4/2 One more rep than last time. Meh.
Deadlift 1x5 145kg

Bench Press 1x5 102.5kg. Actually had 2 sets with this but the first guy never took his hands off the bar despite me constantly telling him take them off.
Squat 175kg 1x4. Wanted a heavier session before my new shoes come in since I don’t know how long it could be.

I could’ve injured myself squatting with such beaten up trainers but I just couldn’t stop myself.

OHP 72.5kg 4/4/3
Deadlift 150kg 1x5

I’m thinking of doing the greyskull OP method for my pressing before I switch to 1x5. What do you guys think? I could do with some form tips too.

Squat 170kg 1x5 1x3
Bench Press 1x6 105kg. Too much help from spotter.

Those shoes threw me forward. I’m gonna deload on squats because I think I have overstayed my welcome at this weight. The shoes hurt later on. I think I put the strap on too tight.