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Basic Advice Needed


Hey I'm new to all the powerlifting stuff, but I have researched it a bit and have gathered a fairly good understanding of it.

I have also gotten some knowlege thanks to my youth leader who was a powerlifter through highschool.

Anyways, I've just started working out after school (I'm a freshmen in highschool) I can work out from 3:10 to about 5 if I need to.

I would like to gain muscle and strength. I'am 6'3 and about 140 lbs, so ya most of you would think of me as playing basket ball insted of wanting to be a powerlifter.

I know that the 3 main lifts for powerlifting are the bench, squat, and deadlift.

I also know that eating lots of food, protein and carbs will help out in my weight gain and strength build up. Along with loads of sleep.

What I would like to know are some basic workouts or workout techniques for me to get there. During the summer when I lifted every other day I maxed out on my bench with 1RM of 155 lbs. I also deadlifted 205 lbs.

After not lifting for awhile I can tell that I'am alot weaker, I used to be able to do 135 on the bench fairly easily, but now I'am having trouble doing 3 sets of 115.

I have talked to my mom about getting protein from another site along with vanydol, and creatine, like any other mom she said heck no.

So no supplements for me, at least till I move out.

I'm looking to weigh about 175-180 by the end of my freshmen year of highschool. The only problem is I can lift only after school, I have weights at my home but they are the cheaper plastic convered ones, they work but I think I only have a maximum of about 90 pounds total plus a bar, and no bench. I can do deadlifts and squats along with gurrila presses, and curls, but thats about it.

I hope you guys can lead me in a good direction, thanks alot!



First off, outline your goals more clearly. You say you want to be a powerlifter, but then you say you're looking for size and strength? Yes, both come in one package to some degrees, but understand that powerlifting is designed purely for strength in the three main lifts. Bodybuilding is designed for the best possible physique and muscle growth. Olympic lifting is designed for speed, and strong-man stuff is for all around functional strength.

There are different ways to mix these. Especially as a beginner, and such a young age, lifting like a powerlifter will still get you bulked up. But definitely sit down and think exactly what you want out of your training.

For now though, it won't matter much, pretty much anything you do will get you bigger and stronger.

Since you're relatively new to lifting (or at least you haven't done it in a while), don't do anything too fancy. Bench presses, bent-over rows, chin-ups, military presses, squats, and deadlifts should all be in your program. Work on upping your poundages as much as possible. Don't be afraid to work in high set/rep ranges if your form is lacking. Hell, I gained 15 lbs in under 2 months doing 4 sets of 8 of the above lifts.

Anyways, read Berardi's 7 Habits of Highly Effective Nutrition Programs for nutrition, and I suppose vroom's Beginner thread.


Hey thanks alot, I have sort of planned out a routine that I want to use daily when I work out.

bench 4 sets; 5 reps
squat 3 sets; 5 reps
incline 4 sets; 5 reps
deadlift 3 sets; 5 reps
power clean 3 stes; 5 reps

I think with the diversity and order of the lifts it will be easier, or I might be wrong. Since I'am not going from one arm exercise to another arm exercise I wont wear out as easy.

I also have 1 less set for the deadlift and squat because I will be using more weight than what I would be using for the bench. I dunno if that is good or bad, but I think I'll get the jist of things.

I also plan to do chinups as well, as many as I can muster.

I have another question, since I'am young should I focus on doing one set of lifts a certain day or do all the lifts every day. For example on Mondays should I focus on my arms/shoulders, or just do all the lifts I included?

Another question should I work out every day after school? I know I can over train and get in deep $hi@ but I love lifting and feeling the burn.

But nevertheless, thanks alot!



You'll need more assistance exercises such as tricep work and posterior chain work.


Would adding dips be a good idea as well? I read that they work the triceps.