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Basic 9 week program ?

Hello all, I just printed out the WS basic 9 week program by Dave Tate. This will be my first attempt at WS. I have a question regarding deadlifts within in the program, I noticed that they are not used that much except for partial deadlifts (? deadlifts from blocks?) which are used.

Also if I can not make the gym 4 times a week could I do the program for 3 days and then rotate the next day. Thank You

Dave says basically to a rotation, this is from Elite,

[quote]A three day program will work out fine for you. I would suggest taking our basic four day program of:

Day1: Max effort squat
Day 2: max effort bench
Day 3: dynamic squat
Day4: dynamci bench

and breaking it over 8 days such as:

Monday: Max effort squat
Wed: max effort bench
Fri:dynamic squat
Mon: dynamic bench

and so on:[/quote]

I have just come to the end of my first Westside cycle and enjoyed it immensely.

I used the split mentioned above and it was fine.

You don’t train the Deadlift directly, but by training the posterior chain you will be indirectly training your Deadlift. Excercises suchas, Dimel Deadlifts, Good Mornings, Pull throughs etc,etc…

I’m sure someone will correct me if I’m wrong but that’s how I understand it.

My deadlift has gone up massively and I haven’t trained it for over 9 weeks.

Good luck.

If you still feel a need to train the dead lift then use it as the second movement on your speed squat day. Use 50-60% for speed pulls for 5 or 6 sets on singles. This is also great for those who have to still workout issues with form onthe dead lift. Use the program but build it around your needs. This is what it was intended for.

Hey roc :

Could you post this program for me I would like to have this or could you tell me where I could get it. Thanks

Stubob is right…the first 9 week westside phase you dont need to worry about deadlifting because it will be the first time you will have trained the post-chain with such intensity that your deadlift will go up without deadlifting…after the first 9 week phase you can begin to add in deadlift work as your supplemental work on both squat days (take a look at my log for a example) …but for the first 9 week cycel just use it as wriiten and it will work to condition the post-chain and raise work capacity so you can add in more volume and more personal weak point training after you get the hang on the system…god luck…big m


The article is the 8 keys. http://www.t-mag.com/nation_articles/264eight.jsp

Sorry fot the late reply. Not to sound weird I’m just nervious to drop deads because I want to add some weight to the bar on that exercise as well just getting overall stronger.

Also are any of you guys dieting while doing WS, if so does it affect your workouts? Thank You

I’m not dieting per-se, just cleaned my diet up, not eating so much crap.

My workouts are as good as normal if not better.


dieting right now, just be sure to keep calories high after workout so that recovery doesn’t become a major issue, check out chad’s article about this a couple of weeks ago, been using that principle with great success.

god luck, it’s worth it