BASI6 Plan: 6 Weeks to Elite Fitness

I use the tire I made option. Hook a dip belt to some straps with the eye hook. Free tire at any tire store Eye hook is like 1 dollar and a piece of wood is cheap. Boat rope is cheap too. You could spend like 20 bucks

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Hi CT…first time caller here. I just joined T-Nation. I need to understand if this program would be ok for me. 51 years old and gained 20 lbs in last 6 months due to no exercise and copious amounts of beer on the reg. My history is primarly with Crossfit starting in 2011 and Oly lifts with a lot of BS and DL in between. I am no stranger to the gym…however, I have never followed program. Kind of toyed with Starting Strength a few times but petered out. I need to get my shit together and back to lean muscle. My intent was just SS again 3 days per week with HiiT workouts on the other days. Diet part I get and know how to dial that in.

I would love your opinion on if this program would be good for me. I was also reading this article and understanding that some elements might not be good (Block 2 Strength with the 3RM etc.)


Hello Coach

I stopped working out abd training for about five years now . Now i am 40 yold abd i am starting over . I want to start your famous training program Indigo Project. Can i start it immediately or it will be better to go with BASI6 THEN go with Indigo Project.

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I’m obviously not coach, but I for sure wouldn’t start the Indigo programs if you’re just getting going again.


I agree with @TrainForPain , that program is too hard for a start. BASI6 is great, and a solid plan. But I’d get a good solid 4-6 weeks of training to get back into it before starting BASI6.


Absolutely love this plan. I switched to this for a six week kick start and just finished week 5. Any similar or longer plans that incorporate most of this plan’s focus I can do next?

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@Christian_Thibaudeau Thank you for putting out such detailed plans for us to follow! Here’s some feedback and testimonial.

I am 33, and have been lifting since I was 16, but the last 9 years I have been merely exercising and maintaining, not training. Fall 2022 I decided to get back into things more seriously, which means training a program, paying more attention to diet and recovery, and writing a log.

I ran this program twice (I am currently on my last week of the second run).

First run I did it exactly as prescribed, except I did box jumps instead of hurdle jumps in block 2. Simply due to gym logistics - so basically no change to program.

Second run I allowed myself to adjust a little more to what I wanted to focus on and based on experience from previous run:

  • Weighted pull-ups instead of barbell rows for strength to reduce lower back fatigue a bit
  • For the strength endurance I did 2 changes to the circuits.

A1) Walking DB lunges instead of split squats
A2) Reverse sled drags instead of pushes
A3) Air squats

I also swapped the shoulder circuit for a back circuit:

B1) BW pull-ups
B2) Prowler rope pull for about 15 meters
B3) Ski erg set at max, focus on upper body/lats. Max blast for 1 minute, then 90 seconds in block 2 week 3

Just something I came up with that I wanted to test.

I also allowed myself to schedule sessions a bit how I felt like, due to always travelling for work and not being able to followed a 100% fixed schedule.

Results from training log:

I started out doing squats with carefully with 5x3x80 kg. Long femurs and short torso, and despite excellent mobility always a weak lift for me. Today I did an easy 3x125 kg. Building this one slowly and easy. Legs grew a lot and gained a bunch of strength. I estimate 1RM over 2 cycles increased from 120 to 140 kg.

Bench: 4RM in block 2 first run 95 kg, 3RM last run 106 kg.

Deadlift: 3x160 after first run, 3x167,5 last run, although this number is probably higher since at this stage I feel the fatigue of doing 3 main lifts in one session. So also about 20 kg gain if measuring from beginning of first cycle when 150 for a few reps was difficult.

Pendlay row slightly elevated on blocks: 3x110 kg. Strict. I have relatively strong back and biceps. Doing pull-ups with 20 kg now, instead of 15, plus increase in bodyweight.

Box jump is 108 cm consistent

Broad jump is at 2.55 meters consistent

Did a test of military press also:

January: 5x60, 4x61, 3x62, 2x63, 1x65
April: 5x60, 4x63.5, 3x66, 2x67.5, 1x70

Endurance up a lot, to the point I will stop training it for a while and focus more on strength. Got really efficient at clearing lactic acid. I do not get nauseous anymore, and seems I can keep adding weight and distance on prowler forever.

Bodyweight increased by 5 kg, so I was 95 kg this morning at 186 cm. People at the gym commenting I got bigger.

Really recommend this program. And if you are in doubt for programming in general this teaches you the efficient principle of building volume for 1 block, then reducing and pushing intensity for another block. Big takeaway for me to relearn knowledge I have not used for nearly 10 years.

Thanks Coach!



This plan says it’s the pre-cursor to apex training program. However, I can’t find the Apex training program. I’m new to this part of the site, and seems like I’m only seeing a few different training plans. Thanks.

I’m not sure what happened here, either.

I think that Basi6 was to get you in shape for a number of very demanding plans. These were called Apex plans. Fiready is an Apex plan. Metcon for Muscle may be, too. (Both are awesome, by the way).

There were supposed to be additional plans, and extensions of those here, made available behind a paywall.

I don’t know what has happened since… I don’t even know who you could ask that will respond.

@Jared_Maggard maybe?

Coach Thibaudeau. I need help with clarification for the Day 2 — Strength Endurance and Day 3 — Power blocks. Is it all of the supersets A, B, and C together as a circuit or superset A, rest, superset B, rest, super set C, complete. Or superset A, rest, superset B, rest, superset C, rest, repeat A-C, complete? Also, what are the weight’s recommended in these blocks. I see where you give some guidance for the Power block for effort and weight to use on the sled, any suggestions for the split squat, sled push, and all the others? I know I’m hella overthinking this. I try not to. Thank you Coach.