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Bashing Lyle Thread


Since it seems to be a favorite topic I would like to be the first to bash Lyle.

First I would like to see all the Lyle assmonkeys congregate here to give me a peice of their minds.

Cmon...this could really be fun.

I'll start slowly...

His books are written for fat people who will never ever lose weight using his advice because it's so ridiculous.

This way he has "forever" customers who will continue to feed him and his ego.

Was that okay?


What advice of his do you find ridiculous?


Lyle who?


Lyle Lovett? The dude that married Julia Roberts a few years ago?


As strange as the original post was, this is a debate I would truly like to see.


Whoever the hell this "Lyle" person is, he/she/it apparently isn't well known enough to go by one name and be recognized. "Lyle" is not in the same class as Madonna, Cher or MacGeyver. So who is this person and what have they done?


Is it Lyle McDonald the Fat Loss King? (i googled 'fat lyle')


Christian Thibaudeau did very well on his Ultimate Diet. So he must be doing something right.


What in the name of sweet sweaty fuck are you talking about?


Why is it that the four douche bags that invaded the Steroids Forever thread whon't continue their drivel here?
For christsake man, what kind of goofball invades a featured piece to discuss some author that no one even knows about?


Go to T-Nation search engine. Type in word "Lyle" under search in site.


On a totally separate note, I really [i]like[/i] that line. I might need to use it...


Yes. He has been posting under lylemcd and taking pot-shots from the cheap seats at TC. All of the posts of his I have seen on the site have been fairly negative. Big surprise.


I guess I missed those. I checked the authors listing and he wasn't there though.
Strange huh?


It may be the Christmas spirit. It's probably the bourbon. But damn, harry - this is the second time inside of a week that I have agreed with you.

This could be the start of a beautiful relationship.

It's gotta be the bourbon.


Taking your beef with someone over the internet so seriously...... you win T-man!!!!


Lyle and Berardi go at it in this thread:



You might want to post your physique pictures in photo forum.


Sorry I am not T-man-ish enough to do it. My 4'5, 105 lbs physique is far too scrawny that it ruins the reputation of the photo forum, where elite T-men post.


Yeah, but with those stats you're probably explosive as hell and could kick everyone's ass who weighs 100 pounds more than you.